What Comes Up, Must Go Down


Let the quest begin, as twelve people sail on the Argo II, to the place where one may seal their doom. Eleven Argonauts return that night, having lost one of their own, while the Lost sits on a throne. But the throne will break over time, and the Lost has no luck. For when Lost's luck is up, Lost shall go down. Cover by Unknown Soldier



Someone collapsed on the deck of the Argo. 

Leo heard a crash and ran upstairs. 
There, a girl was collapsed on the deck. He picked her up and set her in the unoccupied bedroom. 
She had beautiful Arabic features, and barely noticeable freckles. Her eyes were brown with spots of black, like a hyena's coat. Her skin was like a cup of Starbucks' blonde coffee. Her hair was black, but her bangs were gold. 
"Leo...?" She asked quietly. 
"How do you know me, and who are you?!"

The strange girl laughed. "I'm your best friend! You know, daughter of Bast and Sobek?"

"N-No! I don't know you."

"Daughter of Hestia and Poseidon? Does that ring a bell?"

Leo held back a tear. "Yes, but she's dead."

"SHE isn't dead. SHE'S standing in front of you. In Egyptian form." 

Leo embraced the girl, and raced through the halls, yelling, "RHIANNA'S BACK!!!! SHE'S BACK AND NOT DEAD!!!!!"

"Leo, shut up! I'm trying to sleep!"


Jason shot out of his room, as did Lydia, Melody, Frank, Percy, Hazel, Angel, Nico, and even John. John was one of the most excited. For the first time (and probably last) he was smiling.

Rhianna stood, looking at them, in a beautiful Egyptian dress. The only thing that wasn't stare-worthy, was her leg. It was cut all the way to the top of her thigh. By now, her leg was covered in her golden, shimmering, godly ichor. She faintly smiled.   

This was what she looked like in her goddess form. She shimmered with a black aura. She clicked her fingers, and her leg was wrapped up, and her clothes had changed to a House of Life shirt, with blue jean shorts. 

She smiled mischievously, and tackled Jason, yelling, "SPARKY!!!"

Jason was on the ground, laughing like a five year old, and trying to tickle the 18-year-old girl. She laughed at how helpless he looked. Suddenly, two people tackled Rhianna. 

"Don't ever do that!!" 

"I won't Lyds, I-"

"LIL' SIS!!!!"

Percy gave her a brotherly kiss, and she was shocked.

"What....... What got you into doing that?!"

"I missed you, duh!"

Lydia smacked him playfully. "I missed her too, doofus!"  

Hazel and Frank gave  her a big bear hug, and Nico patted her on the back. Angel was crying happy tears, as she gave her the biggest, most loving hug in the world. Rhianna hugged John as well, who was reminded of Soan by her. He hugged back, and somebody gasped. Piper was in the back, her face disgusted. Melody slapped her in the back of the head as hard as she could, and then proceeded to pick Rhianna up, and got ready to tickle her.   

"Uh-oh........" Rhianna knew she wasn't getting out of this one. Melody tickled her stomach, and Rhianna squirmed, laughing and yelling, "No! Don't let Jason and Percy over her- HAHAHHAHAHAA!!!!"  

She tried to get away as Percy went to tickle her, but Jason caught her. She glared at Jason as he set her front half over his shoulder. She somehow got on to his arm, and was hanging monkey-style from his arm, insisting on him to let her down. 

 Percy began tickling her once more, and when Jason joined in, she pulled his head down and kissed him. He blushed, and Piper burst into tears. "NOOO!!!! GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU FILTHY-"

 "Get off. Get off the ship. Get off NOW!!!!!" Lydia was furious. Piper scowled and took a spare Pegasus back to her father's studio. When she left, Lydia was happy again. She playfully called, "Go get a room, you two!"  

 Hazel giggled and Frank smiled. Melody and Angel were sitting side by side, laughing.  Nico and John were beaming.  And of course, Leo was running around, whooping at the top of his lungs.   





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