High School Love

High school life works of some but for others its a horrible and humiliating with geeks, wizards, jocks, popular kids who cant get over themselves but love can change that in the twinkle of an eye. Thank you to High School Love


6. The twist during the summer

Well after that night Clara and I became best friends but it changed after I found her trying to change me into this popular girl something I didn't want to be and it just made me change my character into something different. 

Something my friends thought as the outsider of the geek world which I was previously apart of but because of her I changed but in the end I changed back to my whole self. 

And I ringed my ears. The summer came quickly and that caused me even more not see Dale.

For weeks upon weeks I didn't leave my house cause the mere sight of seeing his face drove me mad because of the mean things he said to me

"Sky!! Get down here I need to talk to you "my mom was screaming from the bottom of the stairs

"Yes mom I'm I will be down in a second" I tried to get out of my space world "now" she reiterated with a more louder scream this time and in a more angrier tone that made me run and skip two steps at a time just to make her stop yelling.

"What were you doing" she asked "nothing I was just listening to some music" I responded breathlessly and holding my heart trying to regain some oxygen.

"We have guest coming over tonight for dinner" she explained "who is coming over" I asked in return

"Our next door neighbor Monica and her son Dale" she continued "I recently joined a club and we are now working together to help the community with health supplies and other medical supplies at the health center in town."

"oooh k that nice" I stood there thinking in my mind what am I going to do when I see dale and what would he say to me when he sees me and most importantly what would the reaction from our parents be when they saw the coldness between us.

"Sky, I was to ask you a long time ago I haven't seen Dale over in a long time more so since the holiday started. I mean since the last dance I have never heard you talk about him as you used too. He hasn't been over ever since so what's the matter with you two? 

Did you guys have a fight and you didn't tell me" all those questions came all in one breath that I couldn't answer them all but I responded to her saying "you are never home and when you are home I just don't get there urge to tell certain things about me and Dale. 

And added to that whatever problems we have has nothing to do with you. I mean I'm happy you are concerned to know about us but I think I can handle things on my own" my mom stood there stunned because she never saw me speak like that and she just started for the kitchen and never returned. 

I guess she was mad but I this moment I was mad too but not with my mom but with the fact that my friend and I were not on terms and it made me mad but I had to go apologize.

Before I went back to my room I walked into the kitchen and I saw my mom standing by the counter. I just went to her and said what I had to and nicely walked out of the kitchen. 

She accepted my apology but the continent of her face never changed which irritated me because in my mind I was always thinking that she didn't forgive me although she said she did.

I left the house and went for a walk and I ended up sitting on the park bench for long hours just because I didn't want to go back into that house has it was full of tension but the beauty about it was that my brother and sister was the most agile ones in the house so there was never a dull moment even though in my mind it seemed dull.

It was starting to get dark when I returned and there he was sitting on his front porch. But I didn't budge to say a word I waited to see if he would say something but he didn't so I didn't either. 

And luckily he neither his mother couldn't make it over for dinner that night because she had to go into town to take care of some late shopping.

The Surprise Party

"Surprise, Surprise" was the shout I heard when I entered my house the next day after I came back from my long walk by the river side. "Happy Birthday" I heard them all say. 

With all the drama and tension I forgot all about my birthday and today I turned 17 and my mom planned a party the one I never had. I can't believe I forgot my birthday. My own birthday!

"Sky my friend happy birthday" I heard many say. 

But the one I hoped to see in the crowd was not there. I kept on looking through my window as I went up to change my clothes into the pretty pink and blue dress my mom bought for me months ago to wear on this special day.

"Knock, knock," I heard someone say from behind the door and my heart skipped a beat and I certainly thought it was Dale but when I opened it, it was Jessie the guy who I made a short connection with on the night of the dance when I went into the music room to cry because of the mean things Caleb said to me.

"What are you doing here" was my greeting to him as he stood in front of my room.

" You are not supposed to be here you said all you had to say on the night of the dance what more do you want to say."

"Happy birthday sky" he then turned and said "I came here today because I wanted to apologize for what I said. 

It was mean and cruel and I need you to please forgive me" with his hand running it through his hair

"look that night I was upset because my girlfriend had just broke up with me and............" and his words trailed off. 

I was busy looking at his manly figure and his dimples and his soft cheeks and the firm muscles I could see through his shirt. 

As I stood there staring Toby my little bro ran in front of me an gave me a hug with his present in his hand waving it in front my face. At that moment I was brought back to earth. "Happy Birthday sis" he then said "Thanks boo. 

Is that my present?" I said as I stopped focusing on Jessie. "Yes it is, I hope you like it. I made it myself"

"thanks" as I took the present into my room while my brother quickly scampered off down the hall. Jessie the entered my room and closed the door behind him. 

At that moment I thought I knew what would have happened but it didn't. We sat and talked all night and little by little I got to know him and He got to know me. 

But even though I was talking to Jessie my mind was still wondering if Dale was somewhere downstairs or outside just waiting to give me my present and for us to make up but that didn't happen. 

After a about an hour talking to Jessie we both decided to exchange numbers and he would allow me to go and enjoy my party. As I walked down the stairs into the living room I saw all my friends dancing and enjoying themselves but Dale was nowhere in sight .

From behind me someone appeared "sky heyy happy birthday. I brought this for you. It's from our entire class for all that you do and we don't compliment you for" chad said all in one breath "thanks chad this means a lot to me. 

And the fact you guys prepared in collaboration with my mom it means a lot so thanks" as I hugged him with all my heart. "Heyy have you seen Dale for the night? I mean we invited him and he hasn't shown yet." 

"Well he might not come because we are not friends anymore" I told him as we headed for the porch. "Wow you two aren't friends anymore after all you have been through with each other?"

"Yea well he said what he had to say and so did I so there is no more to tell, maybe we weren't meant to be friends after all" I then told him "well I don't think so. 

You two have been friends too long for something like that to come between you guys."

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