High School Love

High school life works of some but for others its a horrible and humiliating with geeks, wizards, jocks, popular kids who cant get over themselves but love can change that in the twinkle of an eye. Thank you to High School Love


3. Surprise party


Dear Surprise party,

Well I'm just preparing for my sweet seventeen and OMG I want everything to be perfect because it's only one time you are seventeen and for those simple moments you got to enjoy it.

"Sky " Dale called from his bedroom window. 

I was so busy that I didn't hear until he called for the second time.

" Yea, Dale what's up" I said

"What are u doing for your birthday party next month?" he said anxiously

Not wanting to spoil the fun I answered him slowly

"Nothing really" he knew to himself I was lying but he said no word

"Ok I guess I won't need to bring you any presents this year then" he answered with a sigh 

With a quick sign of disapproval I answered  "yes you still owe me a present because you missed my birthday last year and so this year your present needs to be double the one you brought last year."

He stood there smiling for several moments "what if I did you a surprise party even though you don't like them and I will try for it to be fun as it was when we were fourteen " he said smiling and giggling , but I spoke no word because I don't like surprises cause somewhat they aren't that fun as when you plan it yourself and you are part of the preparations.

Chad who was my classmate and chemistry study partner who has been with me since the beginning after my old friend Vidya left for India and never came back. But in the end I understood she had no choice to stay because her father wanted her to take over his business.

"Skylar" Chad called out from way down the hall 

"Hey Chad" I said in brisk words. 

Which was unlike me because I was always the one who would lighten up his morning but this one was different and he quickly recognized it? "What's wrong "he asked "nothing, I'm fine? I was just preparing for my biology presentation in ten minutes. The one I stayed up till 2pm to finish" I complained. 

"Aw I feel for you but life must go on and you know Sir Hefty is serious when it comes to presentations" he said "but with my mind so far from him I dosed off into space trying to study for my chemistry test after lunch so I didn't hear much of a word he said. 

At the end of his life goes on speech I said "yea that's the way it goes and I will just have to cope with it."

But the one thing that always changed my mornings in biology class was when I saw my best friend dale who I was secretly crushing over since we met but never had the courage to tell him, cause every time I tried to some one of his so-called previous girlfriends came and we had to change the topic.

But I guess he doesn't feels the same way but I got over it and forgot all about my feelings after the last few classes he has been with his new girlfriend who has taken him away from me as a friend and study partner.

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