High School Love

High school life works of some but for others its a horrible and humiliating with geeks, wizards, jocks, popular kids who cant get over themselves but love can change that in the twinkle of an eye. Thank you to High School Love


8. My best friend kissed me

That night as I sat on the poach I an unexpected guest came to my gate and entered. It was Dale my long lost friend who kissed and left me standing still. 

He was dressed in his neatly tailored pants and plaid shirt and a tie that looked like he was not looking into a mirror when I tied it. 

This was funny but I didn't crack a smile. As he came closer neither of us said a word but he knew to himself that I was not going to the dance so he uttered "so you aren't going to the dance are you?" in a low voice just for him to not hear the tears in my voice, I said "no". 

He responded very much differently which I wasn't expecting "Skylar Taylor I want to tell you something, if I fall for you I will never recover, but I'm willing to take that chance........................ because I am in love with you and I want us to spend the rest of our awesome lives together". 

These words took a while to register in my head but I answered him still not looking into his eyes and my hair in my face 

"Dale, look I feel the same way but we can't because my family doesn't even want to hear me say anything about boys right now and it's the reason why I'm sitting here now so maybe you should go to the dance and enjoy yourself and forget about me" even though I didn't want him to go because he smelled so good I just couldn't. 

"heyy I'm not going anywhere and leave you, I love you and I am going to stay here with you even if it means not going to that stupid dance" he sternly but truthfully said. "Do you know why that night of you party I didn't come even though I wanted too?"

"No, why?" I asked interested to know "it was because I saw that bums Jessie going to your front door and I didn't want to even be in the same room with him" he responded coldly. 

"Why, Did you too have a fight or something?" all this time my head was still down on the floor boards "sky could you at least look at me for once. Since I have sat beside you not once have you looked at me." He argued quietly. 

"I have not looked into your eyes because I know if I look into your eyes I would fall deeply in love with you and that might change things between us" I said to him in just the same tone this time I looked into his eyes. And there it was he kissed me stopped every other word that came out of my mouth. At that moment I forgot everything I was about to say. As his gaze met mine I saw the depths of his deep blue eyes which made me a lost cause. 

As our lips parted he said "I love you and I need you to smile and let's forget about everything that happened in the pass and move on" he said with lots of joy in his voice. "I love you too but..................."

"No buts, I understand your parents and babe I will talk to them personally but for now if I could give you one thing, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. 

Only then would you realize how special you are to me. Since we were kids I knew you were going to be my girl but it just took me some time to say it to you but now I am and I mean every word I say here tonight".

"Will you take a walk by the square with me" he asked me slowly at this time even though I was still angry at him for everything I still loved him. 

"I'm sorry but I'm grounded so I can't go" I answered sarcastically "look your parents won't know your gone and we will be back before you know it" he said very much assuring. 

"well ok then just a quick one"

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