High School Love

High school life works of some but for others its a horrible and humiliating with geeks, wizards, jocks, popular kids who cant get over themselves but love can change that in the twinkle of an eye. Thank you to High School Love


2. Life as it is


Dear Diary,

My life has nothing but books not that I didn't enjoy it but it is lots of hard work and dedication which I have given for the past 16+ years and now I want that to change and my any means you can understand why. 


Singing is my all, a day without singing is like a day without life and air and water to live on. 


I was in my school's choir but the teacher left and the team split up but I would still go in the music room and sing once in a while even though everyone does their own thing now but what can you do that's just how it goes. 


Unlike the boasters in my class that boast because they can sing so they show off with it but who am I to deny them they are who they want to be and  so am I. 


I lived with my dad and my mom we lived on Mulberry Avenue Pennsylvania. 


And God my neighbors are the annoying of elements that change the contexts of my day. But my friend Dale lives opposite me and he has been my friend for the last  five years . 


At first I saw him as someone I hated I came to like him and the more we became friends and we did everything together.


My family and I have been on the road most have of my life because every time my dad changed his job we had to move to a different state and now he said this was the last one and thus far it does look like the last one.


I have a brother and a sister who drives me nuts all the time. 


Take for instance I was in my room listening to music and Toby comes in


"Sis what are u doing"  I  sighed and said "nothing just listening to music "


But I knew he had something up his sleeve cause his just doesn't come in my room to check on me so I wait to see. 


"Skylar since you are so dry let me get you wet" he took out this big spray gun and started spraying me. 


OMG the water was so cold I sprang from my bed and ran for me closet the escape this water fight I didn't want to start.


"Toby stop, stop "I yelled but not in a serious way to make him get scared and run away.


But he didn't. Until I was completely soaked then he left. 


Even though I was angry I didn't run after him with my water gun cause I even kind of enjoyed it. 


Just until i felt chills run down my back so I went to change off and get my messy hair dried.



Writer's note

Well hi there well if you are reading this, it means that you ave somehow stumbled upon my diary and you have enjoyed it to read so far. Well this is my second story and I hope you like this chapter, it means a lot to me when if you could vote for this chapter.

For my FAITHFUL readers i love you all and i will keep updating as often as i can. Thank you for reading

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