High School Love

High school life works of some but for others its a horrible and humiliating with geeks, wizards, jocks, popular kids who cant get over themselves but love can change that in the twinkle of an eye. Thank you to High School Love


4. I cant believe it

I was on the park sitting trying to get some studying into my head and Dale arrives with his bag too. Smiling he asked "hi darling I thought you went away to foreign" in his British accent.

 In my mind I was thinking about that wonderful body he had and is manly cologne just hit my nose as soon as he sat beside me and how luckily his girlfriend was to find someone as good as Dale and I didn't care I still loved him in a slight way. "Nothing much I was busy studying with Clara for our EDPM practical " I answered softly

"Ooh k I just saw like you were distant so I thought something was the matter. 

"Anyway the Friday night dance is coming up are you going?" he asked

"No I'm not going I got to study for a test I have on Saturday" I said in a hushed tone

"Aww well if you change your mind it starts at 8pm so don't be late" he said and walked with his voice trailing off and without me responding to him cause his so called girlfriend pulled up with her car to take him home. 

I sat there in such wonder thinking how it would be if the two of us were to be together even though I knew it would be impossible because even though we are friends I think he sees me as different from the other girls so us being together would be a change for him and me so every time that thought came I tried and tried to think of something else.

The next day I went to school and I just came out of biology class when I walked in on Dale's girlfriend with another boy hugging up and kissing behind the hall door that lead to the music room which I was headed. 

I grasped in disbelief but I said no word because I was afraid they would see me. So I snuck behind the grand pianos and stayed there for a while until they were gone. But while I was hiding I heard her say on the night of the dance she is going to break up with Dale.

As they left arms in arms I stood back up speechless because I knew that girl was trouble and heartache but I didn't want to break up my friend's relationship without any proof of this girl's insanity and deceitfulness. 

For the rest of the day I say Dale once but when I was about to tell him what I saw he said "I will call you later and we can talk then but for now I'm really busy" in very few words I replied in a quick "ok" because even though I wanted to tell him I didn't know how to start telling him what I saw and what would happen to him on the night of the dance.

After school I went home and saw my mother sitting at the table crying. 

"Mom what's the matter, why are you crying" I said sympathetically she answered and said "babe your uncle died today "I quickly ran to her side and gave her a big hug because I knew how much he meant to her. "so who told you " I asked " your aunt just called and gave me the news when I was at work so I reported sick and came home early because I couldn't take it anymore"

"Awwwwwww mom don't cry " I said to her just to grace her with some security and feeling of love and closure.

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