High School Love

High school life works of some but for others its a horrible and humiliating with geeks, wizards, jocks, popular kids who cant get over themselves but love can change that in the twinkle of an eye. Thank you to High School Love


5. Guess what it was Clara!!

That whole rest of the week pasted and myself and Dale had no time to talk cause he was on the board committee preparing for the dance so every time I was free he was busy and every time he was free I was busy with some debate something, or the other which was frustrating because we weren't getting to talk. 

I was so afraid for him because I wasn't going to allow her to dis up my friend in front of everyone and he would feel bad for the rest of our days.

The Night of the dance:

"Skylar is that you?" Asked Caleb in an astonished voice. "heyy Caleb "I answered.

He was one of the most popular guys in East High and my long lost crush. "You look amazing, and beyond beautiful." He said. "Hmmm thanks "was my response in a very amazed tone. 

 "Do you want to dance" and he held out his hand. But my response was a big no. As my eyes wondered the dance floor and the cool breeze hit the silk sleeve of my beautiful pink dress. 

I saw the dance floor was packed with all of East High's most popular students, who were all next to their boyfriends and girlfriends dancing the night away but only me without someone to dance with. Anyway that didn't bother me because it was the usual thing that's why I didn't go to dances. 

I would just allow Dale to go and I would stay even though he would bug me. "What! You don't want to dance with me the most popular guy in East High? You have to be kidding." He said loudly and everyone turned to see what it was.

" Yes I am not kidding. I thought I had a crush on you but, you know what I realized, you are the most dumb head, disrespectful and in considerate guy who has no feelings for a girl. So you know what keep your stupid dance for someone who needs it.

I walked straight out the dance room and down the hall to the music room. Where I cried for the attention he caused at that moment and to see the smiles on everyone's faces when I walked out was unbelievable. I then heard something fall from behind the wall.

It was Jessie the new guy in my class. OMG he was so hot when he was painting. But he didn't hear me enter the room as I was quiet. 

But the stupid piano sold me out and he turned around. "Hi " was the first word could have left my mouth. "Hey" he replied coldly "I didn't mean to sneak up on you. I was just hear trying to........" without me finishing my sentence he said "no apology needed I am here to get rid of thoughts too" he interjected "by drawing? Are you an artist?" I asked 

"No, I just dabble nothing formal."

"Ok, so why haven't I seen you in art classes since you started here at East High" but he didn't answer. After long moments he turned from his drawing pad and asked me "would you mind if I asked you a question" he mumbled "yes why not" I answered 

"Do you sing a lot" he asked slowly "how do you know I sing" I then asked him "I heard you last week in this said music room and you were good, so I guessed you were a singer"

"Well no I just sing for fun in my spare time but nothing too important." I answered slowly.

 "The kids at this school don't even know I exist so now I here you say I'm good It means a lot, so thanks" was my answer "you are welcome, I am the kind of guy who acknowledges people for their good talents just like people saw my good talents too" 

His phone suddenly rang and he answered it "heyy babe" in my mind I was starting to think OMG he has a girlfriend. Why am I trying to be close friends with someone who is already taken?

His conversation was brief with this suspected person but when he came off his behavior changed. His next words were "look can you just go I need to be alone, go before the dance ends and your friends come looking for you " I said 

"Ok so after I tried to talk to you , you now say let me go with my friends" in a angrier voice I just left without even listening for his answer.

As I left the music room I bumped into Dale who was breathlessly running down the hall with his fist tight. And we both fell to the ground. 

As he got up to continue walking I stopped him and asked " what's wrong" he didn't answer at first but then I touched his face and I felt the bags under his eyes which he didn't show because his motto was "guys don't cry even if it hurts." 

I held his hand and we went out the door to his car without speaking any words because I knew what had happened but he didn't know I knew. So I kept my mouth closed until we got into his car. 

He turned and said "Clara and I broke up, and my best friend knew and she didn't say anything after all we have been through plus knowing to herself that we were friends since grades school." he said coldly

"Look Dale I didn't want to break up your relationship with Clara because I didn't like her or because I saw her making out her friend in the music room yesterday."

"What!!!" he said enthusiastic to hear more but angry at the same time. 

But I didn't repeat "I thought you knew " I said in return

"I didn't" he said with a laugh  

"But the laugh about this is that you are my friend and you knew and you didn't tell me." he shrugged 

"You are as bad as they say and to say I believed you were my friend." he whispered and then got out of the car and came around the other side and opened the door for me to come out

"Ooh k I see so now because I didn't tell you about you cheating girlfriend you are asking me out of your car." I yelled as got out.

"Fine then I will go but sometime or the other you will need me as you friend and I won't be there." I said as I walked away

In my mind the love I had for this loving guy just died and my heart died with it.

I then went to my car and tried to start the engine but guess what it didn't start. I was left stranded on the road. I got out of my car and started to walk as tears flushed down my face. 

The road was dead and for the one night I didn't walk with my cellphone to call my dad or mom. Then suddenly a car came up behind me. 

Guess what it was Clara!

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