High School Love

High school life works of some but for others its a horrible and humiliating with geeks, wizards, jocks, popular kids who cant get over themselves but love can change that in the twinkle of an eye. Thank you to High School Love


7. Cold days

After my birthday Jessie and I became close friends but the thought of Dale never left my mind and then one day Jessie decided to tell me how he felt and asked me if I felt the same way, in which 

I did but in my heart I was stilling longing for the one that made my heart skip a beat every time I saw him on the corridors.

"Chickpea how are you today?" Jessie asked as we hurriedly walked down the corridors together. "I'm good, just preparing to go home" I replied as we split ways. "I will text you later when you are free ok babe" as his voice trailed off down the hall but I didn't reply. 

The time didn't reach quickly enough for him to get home and I heard my cellphone beeped alerting me of a message.

Him: how was your day strawberry?

Him: you sounded cold today when we talked. Did I do something wrong?

Me: no Jess I'm fine I just had a hard day and I was kind of tired, nothing for you to worry about.

Him: OK so can I come over tomorrow afternoon for us to study for that biology test we have on Friday

Me: yes why not my mom is working late tomorrow so you can stay how late you want too

Him: I hope so cause I don't want it to be like the last time when I had to run into the bushes to hide when your mom suddenly entered the driveway

Me: no this time it will be me alone cause my brother and sister will be sleeping over at Miss Polly's house after their slumber party.

Him: well see you at six strawberry J

The rest of my night went past uneventful but every time I turned my mind was on Dale who was clearing avoiding me and was just doing what had to do and getting on with life. 

That night I was tossing and turning trying to sleep but somewhat I wasn't tired so I went downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of cold milk but I ended up diverting towards the window to see if Dale's light was on and surprisingly it was on and he was at his window staring at mine like if he just wanted to see me appear at my window too for us to talk but I didn't go even though I wanted to I just wanted to see his reaction.

But my heart over stepped my mind and I did go by window like if I was pretending to fix something and we both stood there without speaking a word. So I decided to go back inside then I heard him say "wait............... sky"

"Yes! Dale." I replied in astonished toned because I never expected him to even speak to me after what happened. "I wanted to say happy belated birthday cause on the day I didn't even see you so I hope you accept my greetings and know that I didn't mean for it to happen this way." 

And he then turned in a very slow motion and started to walk. I stood there in amazement because we haven't spoken in like 3 to 4 months, so to hear him talk now was weird.

"Look Dale you said all you had to say so there is no need to apologize. I was wrong to even tell you I knew. So just get over it and let's move on. Goodnight"

I went to sleep that night still tossing and turning thinking about the way I spoke to Dale anyway I finally went to sleep. The next morning as the phone rang I so rushed to answer it thinking it was Jessie calling to confirm he is still coming but to was just my mom

"hey mom good afternoon what time are you coming home today" I asked in an out of breath tone of voice "well honey I have to work a late shift today so I won't be home until around 12:30pm"

"Are you going to be ok by yourself" she asked briskly like if she soon had to go "yes mom..... I'm going to be fine." 

As I put down the phone with a breeze after hearing all my limitations for the night which included not having any boys over even though Dale was accepted because he was a friend. 

My mom didn't know about me and Jessie so it was kind of a hide but I think I will tell her if it gets more serious than how it already is.

Ok so I'm in front of my closet thinking of what to where for Jessie and I to study but nothing came but, when it was Dale I would just dress in a simple jean and some t-shirt and ruffle my hair into a big ponytail cause it is very long and drives me crazy to comb when I'm getting ready for school in the mornings. 

Anyway I suddenly heard the door bell ringing so I thought it was Jessie but when I checked the time it was only five thirty and Jessie wouldn't come this early. 

When I ripped my front door open there was a tall figure standing there with his hands in his pocket. Oh God it was dale "what are you doing here" I asked but before I could answer this guy just came up to me and gave me the most magnificent kiss I ever had ever thought being my first and it was amazing. 

I responded gracefully to the kiss and we had the awkward moment after we both stopped to catch our breaths and as I closed my eyes within the split of a second this mysterious kisser disappeared out of my house and I was left standing in the front of my hall thinking about the reason for that kiss. 

If it was that he liked me or that he wanted us to be friends again I mean I just didn't get what happened just now. 

I quickly closed my front door and ran upstairs to my room and just sat on my bed trying so hard to replay the moment that just happened and if Dale really just kissed me or was it a joke. 

For the second time the front door rang but I wasn't as agile to answer it as I was for the first one but this time my Jessie came with an intention. 

He just walked in the door and pressed my against the wall and began to kiss me all over but even though I responded to his short kisses I still didn't feel the spark because it was the first time he had kissed me but surely I didn't feel the same way as I felt when I just kissed Dale which was weird. 

This now left me with questions running through my brain:

"Was I falling in love with my best friend?"

"Was my best friend already in love with me but just couldn't say it because of the way he acted?"

"Was I falling out of love with my proposed boyfriend because I just kissed my best friend?"

'Or was everything that just happen all a joke or was I dreaming? "

Every moment of my study time with Jessie was spent trying so hard to answer those questions but nothing came but after a while Jessie noticed my absent mindedness from studying and asked if everything was ok with me. 

I just answered yes and would quickly try to change the topic to something funny. And then he started to tickle me which was sudden and I couldn't stop laughing and his touch against my soft skin was nothing more than adorable and mesmerizing as he was on top of me and tried to throw him off but he wouldn't and he just continued and I screamed out " stop! Stop! Stop! Dale!

Oh my god I just called Jessie Dale. He I know he heard he turned and said "did you just call me Dale " with rage he just came off of me and stormed out room without giving me a chance to explain. 

I quickly ran behind him calling his name for him to stop but he didn't stop one bit. Before I could reach the drive way where his car was parked he was already up the road with dust flying behind his car. 

I was upset because if he got into an accident I would feel guilty thinking it was my fault. 

The rain came pouring down so I stood in it just to punish myself for what I think I caused but all that did was give me a mind-blowing cold the next day.

Ok so I went to take the test that myself and Jessie were studying for and guess what he didn't show up for class which made me wonder if he came to school because I didn't see him when I came in but I was sure he would have already been in class in his favorite seat next to me. 

But he wasn't there so I had to know why. As I stepped out if the test room I somehow bumped into him as he was trying to escape the entire active minds running down the hall trying to get to their locker. 

I fell to the ground and seriously he didn't even turn around to see if I was okay he just continued walking away like if he hadn't seen me there. 

All the kids turned around and started to giggle with their hands on their mouths. With all that humiliation I got up and slowly walked to my locker took out my bag and headed for the door. 

I went to my favorite spot behind the school and never returned for any of the classes for the rest of the day. I sat there crying all the while thinking what I could have done so bad to make Jessie resent me the way he did. 

He ignored me and passed me by like if I wasn't standing of walking there. When I got home that day I saw Dale on this lawn talking to Clara the girl who he supposedly broke up with last summer


My god he glanced at me as I passed by the window pretending like if I was opening it but paid my presence no mind. Those few days was depressing because even though I knew Jessie wasn't thinking about me I was thinking about him and wondered if he was thinking about me and somewhat I still loved him. But I loved my best friend too.

That afternoon I decided to go for a walk by the town square because I heard there was a town day and a celebration was taking place. 

Guess what I saw Jessie. My first reaction was of composure and tried to relax but I couldn't. Anyway my mind swayed as chad walked up behind me and gave me the freight of my life because I was in such a trance. 

"Sky !!!! what's up? I haven't seen you in a while like we have become enemies because now I'm not seeing you in your favorite seat in school. Are you ok?" His words rang many bells in my head that woke me up from the world I was hiding in. 

"I'm fine Chad I have just been in a little stressful time with some stuff ." I replied in few words because I didn't want him to know that Jessie and I had a fight. 

"look Chad I got to go its kinda late and my mom didn't see me leave so I will catch you later. As I was leaving the square I felt someone hold my waist from behind and say sshhhh I heard the soft voice say from behind me as I turned around slowly it was Jessie 

"Hi can you walk with me so that we can talk about something" this was his words as they faded off into the night. But even though I was mad at what he did to me I still wanted to hear what he had to say. "ok" I replied coolly. 

"Listen sky I have been thinking about the best way to say this but it hasn't come to my mind as yet but I here goes.

 I think we should break up and be friends because I see the way you look at Dale and the way he looks at you from the back of the class when he thinks nobody is looking or when your singing on the bench in the park square. 

It is just obvious that he likes you and you like him even though you don't want to admit it." All these words registered quickly in my brain as I sought a way to deny it all. "Jessie first if all I don't look at Dale the way I look at you and I don't see him looking at me because we are friends and that's it there is nothing going on between us, plus I don't like him I love you and I always will." 

OMG the words slipped out of my mouth the ones I wanted him to say first to me as we stopped under the last big tree before we reached my street he held out his hand and he took me under the tree and he placed me to sit on his lap. He totally faced me and he said these words with great softness and compassion as held my cheek in his arms and not for one moment had I rejected his touch because I longed to feel it against my lovely skin. 

"From the moment I saw you walk in that night into the music room crying after those mean things Caleb had said to you I know you were the one for me but your heart belongs to Dale and I understand why so I'm not mad or will I ever be. I need you to be a brave girl and tell Dale how you feel at the Final dance next week so you will be happy with the one who truly has your heart" 

"look Jessie I need you to understand that I don't love Dale it is you I love and even though we will have misunderstandings that should not lead you to the idea of thinking that I love Dale and not you because I don't. 

With all the tension in the air a strong wind blew and suddenly ruffled my hair in front of my eyes. He gently moved it with his hands and gave we a sweet kiss on my lips that stunned me for a few minutes but his savory taste on my lips just made me even me wanting to kiss him but we stopped as I heard a car came and stopped in front of the tree. OMG it was my mother in her work clothes. 

She never knew about me Jessie because every time I wanted to tell her I got scared and turned away thinking to myself that she will tell me to end it because he will only break my heart. But I knew different. 

"Skylar Taylor what the hell is going on here? Are my eyes seeing right?" those words killed the stillness of the night. 

Jessie and I quickly got up from the under the tree. Without me even getting to explain what happened my mom grabbed me by my hand and tugged me into the car. 

The expression on Jessie's face when he saw the way my mother treated me even though I was a big girl she treated me like a child. When we got home I stormed out of the car before my mom could even say que. 

I ran straight to my room and sprawled myself out on the bed and cried for the rest of the night. When my mom came to my room for us to talk about what happened I just pretended like I was asleep and she just walked out of the room leaving the light on and the door open.

The next morning I went to have breakfast and I didn't even utter a word to anybody including my dad who had just woke up and was unaware of what had transpired last night. Before I could even open my mouth to tell dad something my mom blurted out 

"Your daughter has a boyfriend and I saw them kissing under the tree last night" her words made everyone at the table stop eating and started to look at me in despise. 

"Ooh k so that's why we have seen the change in behavior the last couple of days" my dad responded to my mom very jokingly. "William, I'm not joking" said my mom to him very sternly. " I know sweetheart but sky is a big girl and one time or the other she is going to have a boyfriend and we are going to have to accept it" he shrugged "

The continent of my mom face was very red because she thought I should never get a boyfriend because he will only break my heart. 

"Sky you as a big girl should have come and told us something so that we can know because if anything happens to you we are responsible as your parents" my dad said to me sternly as he came to my side of the table. 

"My darling skylar we love you and want the best for you but a boyfriend as this stage in your life is no worth and will only bring you lots of heartache and stress that you can't deal and you are still in school. 

So from this day on I have the final say you are not to ever see that boy again. Do you hear me?" she said sternly 

"Yes mom " I said as tears ran down my eyes and my dad stood there and said nothing to represent me after all he just said about me being a big girl. " and for what you did you are now from this moment grounded for the next three weeks when you can get your act together. 

"But mom the dance is tonight" I responded harshly as I got up from the table. 

"Well you are going to have to miss it because you are not leaving this house do you hear me young lady" she said as she point the spatula in my face form across the kitchen

My dad was about to say something but he just looked at me and turned away. 

I stormed out of the kitchen as I tried to control the flow of tears that poured down my face. For the rest of the day I spoke to no one.

to be continued

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