The Changing

Jourdain Clarisse Hetare is what you'd call an average fourteen year old, average height, average mother, average school but extraordinary things happen around her. And it's one of these mistakes that lead her to being thrust into the care of her farther.

A man she hasn't ever known.

Soon it's revealed why Jourdain was raised by her mother as everything starts changing. Her school, her friends and her way of looking at the world. Jourdain is about to find out what it means to be part of this new world and sacrifice is key.

But how far is she willing to go before the change consumes her entirely?


2. Chapter Two

It seemed like forever that the concrete jungle of London flew by the window, Jourdain's eyes flickering and observing the city as people wandered about their daily business but soon the skyscrapers and historic monuments gave way to more open country and a sign that made her sit up to attention.


Stanford Airport. Clearing her throat, Jourdain looked at the driver, leaning forwards, hands clasped under her chin in an attentive way.


"Are we headed towards the airport?" She queried, officially worried about the situation at hand now as her mind raced with all the possible different scenarios. The driver nodded.


"Sure are miss. Oh, that reminds me," A sealed envelope was passed back, ripping into it, Jourdain found her passport and a plane ticket and boarding pass. "your mother gave that for me to give to you."


"Thanks..." She muttered, staring at the location on the ticket in disbelief, hands shaking and body trembling in an intoxicating mix of adrenaline and curiosity.


The ticket was listed as a flight to Oklahoma, USA. From what she knew, Jourdain was fairly sure that the state was very rural, more wildlife and woodlands than cities and urban areas. Although she hadn't lived in London for long, Jourdain couldn't remember the last time she'd been anywhere near a forest, closing her eyes, she searched for some memory to grab onto from those times.


"Jourdain! What are you doing?!" Her mother screamed, grabbing her child's hand and pulling her away, the little girl looks up and blinks slowly, confused by her mother's actions. She points to the ball of fur on the ground, it's icy blue eyes watching warily as this new thing kept howling in anger.


"I was helping him find his mummy."


"But what is it?"


"A Brownie mummy, they're like little furry people who live in the woods!" Dragging her child away quickly, she spits out a few words to the struggling infant.


"Brownies do not exist do you hear me? You are not going to end up like your father!"


Jourdain sat upright, the memory burned into her mind, loud and clear like it had been made yesterday yet she knew that it had been supressed. The question was, why? Why had this memory been shoved to the back of her mind and forgotten about? Noticing that the taxi was slowing down, she grabbed her bags. Shaken from the experience.


Something niggled at the back of her mind, a little voice that seemed to whisper but Jourdain swore that she could hear malice in it's sugar coated notes.


You... Know.. It's real...


The voice could wait though, she had a flight to catch and so, as she made her way to the first terminal and be escorted to the flight since she was an un-accompanied minor in the eyes of the law. Something wasn't shaking though, that voice... It seemed so familiar but it scared Jourdain because she had felt that malice behind it. Something about it was off.


Keeping herself occupied as a friendly officer sat with her at the boarding station, waiting for the time for her to leave the country. The voice and memory were once more suppressed into the dark confines of her mind for another time.

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