The Secret Sister

Alyssa Austin, when Jay and Troy split, Alyssa was left with her father. She doesn't remember her older brother and never met half brother and sisters. When she and Lottie bumped into each other, and they became fast friends, how will they react when they figure it out? And will Louis find out about that Lyssa is back in town? Read to find out!


2. The Fight

Alyssa's POV

I headed home.  The barbie dolls were waiting for me. Mrs. Barbie doll was staring at me.

"BRAT WHERE WERE YOU AT!" She screamed in my face. I waved my hand in my face.

"You need to brush your teeth. Your breathe smells like some had die in your mouth." I said. 

"YOUNG LADY APOLOGIZED TO YOUR MUM NOW!" He had never yelled at me before. I felt a hot spot on my cheek. I ran out grabbing my phone. I called Lottie. 


"Lottie. He had taken their side. And he smacked me."  I cried.

"Come to my place mum said just to come over."

"ok." We hung up and I ran to her place. I saw a car I had never had seen it there before. I knocked on the door and Lottie open the door. She pulled me into a hug. It was raining and I was soak to the bone.  She made us some tea. I like drinking tea.

"You look so much like my brother."

"Mum's working late and my sisters are at friends, and my brother is here with his friends." I nodded. 

"Hey Lottie who was at the door?" Asked a voice. 

"My friend, Alyssa." She said as a man came out. He looked at me. 

"You look like someone that I know." He said to me. He got in my face.

"Louis." Lottie said while looking at him. I smiled.

"It's fine. I'm use to it. THEY are always in my face yelling at me." Lottie handed me a ice pack for my check.

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