The Secret Sister

Alyssa Austin, when Jay and Troy split, Alyssa was left with her father. She doesn't remember her older brother and never met half brother and sisters. When she and Lottie bumped into each other, and they became fast friends, how will they react when they figure it out? And will Louis find out about that Lyssa is back in town? Read to find out!


3. Getting to know the band

Alyssa's POV

While my cheek had ice on it, some other boys came in.  They stood still. Like someone was going to hurt them. I raised an eyebrow. 

"I'm Alyssa." I said.  They relaxed. The curly one came over.

"Do you know us?" He asked.

"Nope...Only Lottie." I said. They nodded. 

"What had happened to your cheek?" Blondie asked me. 

"Her father." I was texting Charlie, my cop friend. And his sister is my social worker, Julie. 

"My social worker is on her way here." I said, while getting up.  I hugged , then my phone buzzed. I sighed. Julie is busy with papers.

"Well looks like I'm stuck here for awhile." I said, looking at them. Lottie looked at me.

"Why?" She asked me. 

"Julie is going to be late." She nodded. 

"Alyssa, this Louis, my older brother, Harry, the curly one, Niall, the blonde hair one, and Liam, the one mature one." Lottie said. Louis reminded me of my older brother. Dad told me that Louis, mum had passed on. 

"How old are you?" Louis asked me. 

"19." I said,"But I don't get trouble or Julie,and Charlie would be really mad."  Louis looked confused.

"Julie is my social worker and Charlie is her twin brother." I said. They all nodded. I soon had learned about the real boys. They told me about their families, and how they had become a band. 

"If I watched, I would had voted for you guys." I said, smiling.  

"Thanks, Alyssa." Niall said. 

"Welcome." I said. Then, Lottie's mum came in with...

"CHARLIE!" I screeched. I hugged him. 

"Ready to go?" I nodded.

"Bye, Lottie." We hugged each other. 

"I'll see at school." I grabbed my phone,"Bye guys." I waved at the boys, and Lottie's and Louis' mum.  We headed to my second home. 




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