Virtual Hunger Games

Ok, so I tried one of these before and I sorta kinda gave up on it XD SO LETS TRY IT AGAIN!
Just fill out the form in the SECOND chapter (the first is so you can see which districts are taken)



3. District 1 - The Reaping

The day was bleak. The low hung grey clouds gave everything a darker, more sinister look as the day began. The day that everybody in District one waits for, counts down till. Hoping that they will be the one to represent their district and win the crown once again! The Reaping.


Daniela sat, annoyed, at the breakfast table, her siblings running around her. Her flowing blue hair swung back and forth as she dodged her brothers, still too young to go to the reaping, and then past her sisters. Looking dignified with their brown hair up in a twisted bun. Their long ankle length dresses and their white pumps. She wasn't about that. Oh no....

Sitting on her bed Daniela smirked, a murderous plan hatching in her head. She will volunteer as tribute. No one can turn down a volunteer, not even the person who was reaped. It was settled then. Into her walk in closet she went, looking at all of her short skirts, tight dressed. Aha. She reached in and pulled out a short, sleeveless purple cocktail dress and some neon blue heels. (To match her hair, naturally.) a pair of black stockings in her hand she smirked at her choice. Her parents would go crazy, she would make a mighty fine impression on everyone as she walked up to that platform. She was ready.

Squeezing into the dress she laughed as she slipped her feet into her heels. A black blazer was flung on and a side parting hair style was created. Daniela's blue hair flowed down her back dead straight, as if someone had ironed her hair beforehand. She slipped out her window and started sashaying down to the square, getting what she wanted. Looks from every man she walked past. Mmm. That felt good...


Mike slipped his feet into his black boots and sighed. Another reaping, another year of not being chosen, yada, yada, yada. But that wasn't true. Mike was reaped at the age of 12. A small, scared child he began walking up to the stage, his feet quivering in his boots. Then his brother stepped in. Volunteered and won, won enough grain an oil for a life time and a lovely big house. How could Mike live up to that?

He shook his head, getting the memory out of mind as he did the zip up on his trousers. Mike looked up at his reflection in the mirror. A respectable 18 year old man stood facing him, his muscles protruding from under his shirt. He put on his dark blue tweed blazer and sighed shaking his head. Walking out the door he grabbed an apple and began eating it as he walks down to the square, dreading what's going to happen next...


As Effie Trinket sidled up to the stage, she looked down on all of the young faces, the 12 year old children who were scared out of their minds. Then 13,14,15,16,17 and finally 18. She clears her throat and looks into the camera, her face going into that lovely plastered on smile we all know too well. Her bright blue wig sat on her head, streamers flying out of it as she turned to the crowd and said "Welcome to the 76th Annual Hunger Games!" she said loudly, her voice cracking slightly. She clears her throat slightly and continues "My the odds be ever in your favour!" she screams into the small microphone "As always ladies first!" she said with a girlish chuckle putting her hand into the bowl...

Daniela clears her throat getting ready to run out and claim her pride! She hears Effie's voice ring out "Paige George!" A small frail 12 year old girl steps out in a dress too short for her figure

"I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" Daniela shouts and sidles out of the area she was cooped in, walking along to the stage, her heels clacking. She stand on the stage, feeling smug as she waits to see which boy will be called.

"What's your name?" Effie asks Daniela, her wig skew wif "Daniela, Daniela Merdith" She smirks and blows a kiss at the camera, winking to add to the affect

"Ok then" Effie smiles "now the boys..."

Mike wrings his hands, nervous. He hopes he won't be chosen. He wished he won't be chosen "Mike Thomas!" Effie's high pitch voice rang out across the square. He looks around biting his lip hoping someone will volunteer, but he knows no one will. Because he is a young, strong, fit 18 year old. tears brimmed in his eyes, knowing he wasn't coming back. That this was the last time that he would see his district.

He finally walked out confidently after the sight of the peace keepers and their guns pointed at him had scared him, more than ever. Mike walked up to the stage. Inside he is so nervous it's crazy. He knows he is walking to his death.

"Our Tributes! Daniela Merdith and Mike Thomas!" Effie said with delight as the pair shook hands.

The peace keepers turned them round and closed the door with a slam behind them.

The Reaping was over. They had two tributes.

Who will survive?

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour


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