Be Prepared...

What will happen in grave.


2. They are Weeping When I'm Gone...

Don't look at me like that because,

Yesterday I was just like you and tomorrow you will be like me 

Lying under six feet...

My own relatives,

even my beloved parents,

brothers, and sisters...

Oh my god?

They are putting me in a dug hole, It's too deep.

"Somebody help me,

help me, 

I beg of you,

it's completely isolated."

Thée is no bed,

there is no room,

as well furnished room.

It's only a deep isolated hole.

They left me alone here in this hole, and didn't even peep back.

I am not their child,

their sister.


Why did they do such a thing?

Now as the time has passed,

I cannot see them,

It's like I'm blind,

totally disabled,



these people are,

because they left me alone here and didn't care about me.


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