Be Prepared...

What will happen in grave.


1. Be Prepared

I saw the people are around me, they hear weeping, sobbing out loudly, 

But what's wrong with me?

Why am I unable to stop them?

Their voices hurt me alot, rather It's like they are putting knife in my heart,

but why am I unable to stop them as i used to do?

They are talking about me, but not listening to me.

I need someone to console me but no one is listening to me.

Why? why? ohhhhhhhh.

Why are they so offensive, cruel, inhuman.

OH! what's happening,


Stop them,

 They are taking me to an unknown, terrific area,

Where I can see only a deep dark hole,

It's really terrible.

I'm so afraid,

It's a horrific sight.


 I could hear there voices,

But they won't listen to me.

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