The Hemmings twins L/R/H

Ariana is not a normal girl because her last name is Grande yup ariana grande what happens when Luke Hemmings from 5sos and his twin brother fall madly in love with her read to find out ����

-Ariana Grande
-Luke Hemmings
-Ashton Irwin
-Michael Clifford
-Calum Hood
-Jennette Mccurdy


3. "The Tour"

Luke's p.o.v

Oh my god I mat Ariana Grande she is so beautiful Mikey is going to freck out because she's he's celebrity crush but if I have a chance will her I would take it

Ariana's p.o.v

I woke up like usual and my dresser came in to my room and gave me the clothe I was going to wear it was casual a short and a crop top i want to take a shower I got out of shower and put on my clothes my dresser came in my dresser also does my makeup and my hair to not because I don't know how but because she was a professional after I was done with my hair and makeup my phone started to vibrate I looked at the ID and it was my manager (Me=/M=)

Me: "hi why are u calling so earle in the morning?"

M:"I have something to tell you"

Me:"what's so important?"

M:"I don't know the fact you're going to go on a tour"

Me:"with who am I going tour with?"

M:"with 5 seconds of summer"

Me:"wait the band that was playing last night?"

M:" ya u know them?"

Me:"not really but it will be cool"

M:"ok then It's saddle"

Wow I'm going on tour with them that's cool especially because I'll see Luke again oh ya and Jacob

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