The Hemmings twins L/R/H

Ariana is not a normal girl because her last name is Grande yup ariana grande what happens when Luke Hemmings from 5sos and his twin brother fall madly in love with her read to find out ����

-Ariana Grande
-Luke Hemmings
-Ashton Irwin
-Michael Clifford
-Calum Hood
-Jennette Mccurdy


6. The one

Ariana's points of view


I was woken up by my Best friend Jennette/Jenn the boys and I had the day off so Jenn amd I where going shopping Jenn loves shopping eating to ''ok ok I'll be right there'' I yelled and through a pillow at her.


I got up exhausted as ever I went to my suitcases to pick out something to wear I picked something casual


After I was done with my picking my clothes I went to take a shower


I got out of the shower changed into the clothes I picked right then Jenn came barging in the room ''hey girlie are you ready to shop'' she squealed '' yes of course'' I said with excitement


after about half an hour of getting ready we were finally out the door.

It was a little chili this time of a day in LA since we were touring in LA for a week.


We got into the backseat of the tour bus it was OK since Greg (the tour bus driver) said he will driver us anywhere





we came back from shopping exhausted we walked it to the hotel with sopping bag on our hands ''oh man I forgot my phone in the bus'' Jenn said and ran back to the bus before I cloud say anything.... she didn't show up so I decided to go on up the elevator

when the elevator opened I saw Luke kissing some girl       

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