The Hemmings twins L/R/H

Ariana is not a normal girl because her last name is Grande yup ariana grande what happens when Luke Hemmings from 5sos and his twin brother fall madly in love with her read to find out ����

-Ariana Grande
-Luke Hemmings
-Ashton Irwin
-Michael Clifford
-Calum Hood
-Jennette Mccurdy


4. "falling in love"

Luke's p.o.v

I told the guys about Us going on tour with Ariana grande for 3 months the were so happy specially Michael

-----2 weeks later----

Ariana's p.o.v

"Ariana I love you" Luke said to me I was so shocked I needed to think about this more he really did cut me off guard

I told hem I needed to think about it because Jacob told me the exact same thing and I don't know my feelings ya I liked both of them but I don't know who I love

As I was walking out my room I hard someone calling my name "Ariana wait up" I termed to see Jacob he pinned me angst the wall and whispered in my ear "so did you think about it" I don't know what to say

----2 weeks ago----

Ariana's p.o.v

"Hey Jennette" Jennette is my best friend we did a show together Sam&Cat I think you might know it so since we did that show you've been best friend (Me=+J=)

Conversation: 💟

Me:"hey Jennette"

J:"hi what's up?~

Me:"nothing I just wanted to ask you something"


Me:"do you want to come on a tour with me please 💕"

J:"ok" but why are u going on tour u just had a tour?"

Me:"I'm going with a band called 5sos you know don't u?"

J:"OMG cool then I guess I'm coming"

Me:"yeah" 💫✨

Present day:

Luke's p.o.v

After I said all that getting my feelings out to Ariana I walked out of her room since we were watching movies "I need a walk" I mumbled to myself before I walked out I grabbed my phone

I hard someone talking outside I knew that voice it was Jacob so I listened I know it's wrong bat hey you would do it to "so did you think about it? He asked someone" No I don't know" WHAT ARIANA!!! why are Ariana and Jacob talk

Ariana's P.o.v

"No I don't know" I said he leaned in and kissed me at that moment I saw Luke standing behind Jacob I pulled Jacob away and that's when I knew my feelings i knew who I was in love with

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