What a geek girl wants

Geek girls have wants too, but the question is what and why??
And this book gives just a few reasons to that question. :-)


7. Your undivided attention

Every girl wants to know that she's the only girl in your world not only geek girls.

She wants to feel like you really adore her and beyond your entire busy schedule you have one minute of your time especially for her.

When a geek girl realizes that she needs your attention and you're not giving it, she will stop giving you hers, don't forget that boys.

Like for example when you had a hard day an you come home in a bad mood, don't let that negative energy be transferred to your relationship with your girl.

You may be upset but don't take your frustration out on her or give her the silent treatment for no reason. We both know that it's her sometimes that puts that smile back on your face, so why would you want to push her away because you had bad day.

It's not fair to her or to your relationship. I agree that sometimes you're just not in the mood to talk but don't boldly change your attitude and expect her to be okay with it even if it's just for one night. :-( 

Many times she wants to call or text you but she feels as if she might bother you but you need to reassure her that that's not the case and she can call you anytime.

Tell her how much you love her voice and you know she loves to hear yours too. Video chat with her when you guys can't meet up or go out. Don't just do these things because you have to or because you want her to smile, do it because you want to and it makes you happy. And when you're happy she'll be happy too.

Top 3 turn off for a geek girl

1. When you're on date and your phone keeps ringing or messages keep coming in.

2. You always talk about work or school or

3. When both of you are having a great time and you have to go back to work or go somewhere, its irritating and drives her crazy believe me it does.

She expects that when you're on a date, you guys would talk about your relationship, how much you adore each other. How much you love each other and the reason you are still together <3.

A note to a g<girl410 from her boyfriend

"Let me be the one to put all those broken pieces back together but not like it was before, in my way and I promise you that it will never be broken again <3"

Writer's Note

The reason I placed this note here is to show that no matter what geek girls, there is someone out there for you so it's doesn't matter when he comes remember he'll be all yours and those broken pieces will be fixed forever.

With love

Geek girl

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