What a geek girl wants

Geek girls have wants too, but the question is what and why??
And this book gives just a few reasons to that question. :-)


6. Spoil her

Spoiling a girl is not all about giving her flowers or chocolates when it's her birthday. These material things do matter but just don't make it so obvious.

Show here that it's not everything you do for her requires lots of money. The little things like snuggling on the couch with you and watching a great movie with all of her favorite junk food is already spoiling any geek girl.

Geek girls don't normally get that type of spoiling so it means a lot to them when you choose to do so with them.

Spoil her with you words and charms. Find her weakness or soft spots and use them to your advantage. 

Make her understand that even if she's ugly, hurt or lied (which she would never do) you would always love her and spoil her the same.

Taking Selfies just the two of you and making memory books and albums of all your wonderful times together all show you affection.

Any geek girl wants to know that their boyfriend can take her on candle light dinners, picnics and nights under the stars. Just a little extra care does the trick.

Most people use social media now right, so make it worth your while. Write love notes on her timeline; Send her personal messages in the mornings about how much you missed her being in your arms.

Give her the best treatment and remember that her favorite places are there for you to take her, like when there are fairs or parties (well that's if she likes those things though) then you can have the pleasure of taking her to them.

As the writer I know geek girls because I'm one myself and these little things do the trick when it comes to spoiling her.

Of course you are going to send her flowers, cards and chocolate when it's her birthday but also remember the little things like your one year anniversary or an accomplishment either of you made count too and this opens the way to spoil her more with gifts and lucky charms.

I know you guys can't spoil a girl all the time but when you do choose to spoil her make it count and make it special.

A little cheesy but special and worth her while. Your first date should be in her mind without even talking about it because she would always remember how special you made her feel. <3

Every geek girl has four personalities

How she acts at school

How she acts around her family

How she acts when she's alone

How she acts when she's around him (you)

But although she has these personalities the real one is when she's with you, so guys

If you love her "spoil her"

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