What a geek girl wants

Geek girls have wants too, but the question is what and why??
And this book gives just a few reasons to that question. :-)


2. Love

As a geek girl myself I know what it feels like to not feel loved by the people who are supposed to love you. Besides this fact I know that I love myself and that's all that matters for now because little do I know maybe that guy to sweep me off my feet is somewhere out there just waiting for me to show him the sign and them maybe just maybe for once I won't be a geek girl after all.

As a geek girl, love is such a big stepping stone because she wants to know that the person who she gives her heart too loves her with all his might and doesn't treat her as any less of a woman than she is.

She needs to feel as though she has some worth and value to you.

Your love and I mean genuine love is all she needs because even though she knows that her parents and relatives love her she needs to know that between the two of you the love is even greater. When you show her your undivided love and care is all she needs.

If you are now getting to know a geek girl you should depend on the fact that all she needs to warm up to you is your comfort and know that she is the only girl in your world.

And that the love you share is not just a summer fling or a Christmas treat it's real and will last forever.

Show her what it really means to love, because all she really knows being a geek girl are the books and keeping up to the highest standards that her parents and other people in her life set.

When you come into her life its not to distract her but it's to let her know that's it's not all about the books but she can loosen up sometimes and have a little fun and since you are the one who she might open up to about just some of the things she goes through you might be that ice breaker to make her realize that even though you might be in school too, your little romantic charms and loving kindness are just what she needs to keep her going.

From experience I can say that being this high achiever and living up to the good life your parents set for you can get a little over bearing and frustrating when there is no one to tell you that everything will be alright and encourage you to smile when your family just wants you to cry and feel sorry for some mistake you make.

But getting back to the topic of love that's where you guys come in because when you are that someone that she would put her work aside to talk to or skip classes just to be with you this shows that she is starting to like you and maybe she is just afraid to show it because she knows the type of family she has to deal with and more so they would jump to conclusions thinking that a boy would distract her from her work and change the course they have already set for her life.

I know girls out there can admit to this because there are times when you are so angry at the fact that your parents are dictates in your life and never allow you to make choices on your own.

A girl's life is filled with 'do this', 'know that', 'say this', 'say that' and 'be this and that or else'.

You know what I mean, there are just so many things your parents try to hide you from its like there are protecting, ruling and trying to live there perfect life through you. But boys have the good power to change that.

Be that boy that changes her mind about love. Show her love from a new perspective. The little things you do like talking to her when she's sad or calling her when you are just thinking about her or just coming to pick her up from her late night classes an taking her for a drink charms the heart of any girl and I know that when you start in that line it opens her up to tell you anything even if it's bad.

Knowing to herself that you are indirectly showing her how much you love her without even saying it makes it even better.

This now leaves her thinking and pondering on what else you are going to do and when she least expects it wow her with something like a grand romantic gesture one that she wouldn't expect you to even know about or even think of it as important.

And lastly why would a geek girl want you to do these things for her? Hmm look at it this way GUYS, a girl wouldn't tell her silliest mistake or midnight craving to someone she didn't trust or have some sort of liking for.

She wouldn't even talk to you about her deepest fears if she didn't think she can trust you or even know to herself that her secret is safe with you.

She wants to know that the guys who takes her heart is not just some guy from off the street that claims he loves her but secretly talks about her with his friends or even is afraid to walk with her in pubic.

She wants a fearless guy who would shout "I LOVE YOU" in front of all his friends and even would risk it all and say that in front of her family not even worrying about the consequence or outcome of the situation.

He is not afraid and he would never take it back because he loves her and that all that matters.

Any guy that would give the world to be with a girl or do silly things just to make her laugh, shows that love doesn't always mean LOVE its means LOVE FOREVER AND STOPS NEVER.



Writer's Note

Thank you guys  for reading thus far it means alot to me. Thanks alot. I hope you like this chapter and don't forget if you have any ideas message me directly on Movellas.

I love you guys so much 

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