What a geek girl wants

Geek girls have wants too, but the question is what and why??
And this book gives just a few reasons to that question. :-)


5. Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and kisses, Snuggles and cuddles

It's not all about making it work romantically but hugs and kisses matter too. A geek girl wants to know that you not just want her for her body but for the happiness she brings to your life.

She wants to know that when you wake up in her arms you feel loved or when you walk on the street your happiness makes others jealous.

She wants to know that you would hug her for no reason or take her in your arms and snuggle her when she cold, sad, sick or hurt. Because believe it or not every girl has a weak point and sometimes all she needs is a hug.

Many may feel the geek girls don't have feelings but its hurts to know that no one sees you when your invisible but when your shining, one and all wants to be your friend, boyfriend or girl best friend.

Every geek girl waits for the boy that would do anything to be her everything. I mean you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.

Geek girls don't need a man, they will be a girl that a man needs but she also needs to know that her guy makes her feel safe in his arms holding her tight and reminding her every day that she's the only girl in his world.

Geek girls are both dangerous and beautiful people. People both welcome and fear them. Geek girls can cause a lot of trouble and even destruction some would argue that we're worth it though. We tend to overtake people and change everything. 

We aren't subtle but we are sometimes hard to see through. There is a quiet and stillness that we bring and some people find that quite peaceful.

Real love reflects long walks on the beach and candle light dinners but it also talks about respect, care and trust believe me sooner or later you are going to realize this is true.

Geek girls like hugs and cuddles at night which are the best part of any relationship and maybe guys may think its mushy and cheesy or so cliché buts it marks a lot for a girl. It shows that you not afraid to show your affection for her. 

Like when you are walking on the beach at night or coming home from a movie.

The way you put your arms around her and walk arms in arms adorable. I mean these are not all that you look for in a relationship but it carries a lot of weight and it impacts where you relationship will go from that point on.

Guys remember that sleepy shoulder she gave you, that pleasant moment when she rests her head on your shoulder. She's saying she feels secure in your arms. Hugs are the simplest ways to show you care, they are easy to give but they say a lot.

When you hug a girl don't hug her platonic-ally but sway her from side to side, make eye contact indicating your affection. Let your hugs last longer than five to ten seconds.

These cheeky things like writing her love notes and Hi cards, or leaving notes in her books, in her coat about how much you miss her, need her and want her like crazy. Texting her out of the blue just to say Hi and if you are really into her, call her just to hear her voice. 

Your interest in her shows that you want to know her more and this opens the way to more in your relationship.

Remember to tell her every time you hug her how much you fall in love over and over again. Let her know that she may not be you first kiss, first love and that's okay but you want her to be the last girl you ever kiss, love or have cuddle nights with.

A geek girl wants to know that your unconditional love is more than she can ever love you. You saw her when she was invisible hugged her tight and brought her back to life and that's what makes it special.

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