What a geek girl wants

Geek girls have wants too, but the question is what and why??
And this book gives just a few reasons to that question. :-)


3. Happiness

What is Happiness?

Well for a nerd or geek girl it's the feeling you get when you know that all of everything is going fine and the people you share it with make your life even happier than it already is. 

That's happiness, not just a smile here and there or laughing at a joke but truly laughing from your heart, body, soul and mind also knowing that a special guy is in your life your happiness is boosted to 100%. He just completes the happiness you already have.

Where does happiness begin well for a geek girl, well it begins when she learns to love herself which is impossible without a little motivation from the people around her.

Before I begin the questions you might want to know are "WHY WOULD A GIRL WANT TO BE HAPPY WHEN SHE HAS EVERYTHING" or "WHAT CAN YOU DO TO MAKE A GEEK GIRL HAPPY"

To answer that question you must admit that geek girls take charge of their own lives, destinies and romantic pursuits but sometimes just sometimes they need someone to share their destinies and passions with, that's where you guys come in because it is you who hold the power to change how a girl takes charge of her life.

You can either change it for the best or for the worst which i wouldn't expect you to break her heart because as I said I am a geek girl myself and I know what it means to have your heart crushed like if it's a piece of trash.

Guys who make this mistake are just either afraid to accept how good a girl is or know to themselves that this girl is more expensive than they can ever afford because they are the broken ones not the girl who they just left.

For example this is a boy who met a geek girl and learned of her broken heart, he said this to her "I don't know what to say but sorry babe, I don't know why they did that to you, you're such a real understanding person, kind and caring. I know for sure I would never make the same mistake they did, I can promise you that"

A girl spends time with those make her happy and less with those who she feels pressured to impress. Girls don't waste time with someone who lacks intellectual curiosity.

Geek girls are marked by intelligence, we are generally aware of how smart we are. Our passion is entirely internally driven. It's not about us making an effort to be quirky, it's about expressing ourselves. You either have to appreciate that or get out of the way.

Guys you might think that every girl that smiles is happy but she's not she only uses the best of everything to make up for what she doesn't have. The thing about it though is that when she is truly happy you can see it in her smile, her eyes, her mood, her voice and as much as she denies you aren't the source of her joy know that you are and keep doing whatever it is you are doing to keep it that way.

True happiness comes from the heart, body and soul. Geek girls are not often given this option to true happiness with a partner because they are viewed as not companion material and you and i know that geek girls are better than many girls out there but they don't show it or say it.

A girl's happiness is not just with you but you should teach her how to be happy with herself and then show her what it means to be happy with you. When she realizes that her world is like nothing without you she'll be longing for all of you.


To hear these words coming from a guy's mouth to a geek girl is just as cheesy and cheeky as it can get. It melts all the barriers in her heart.

But as much as girls deny this fact they know it's inevitable and sooner or later they will be standing in the middle of everything surrounded by nothing and as much as they would try and try to get out of that phase it will be challenging and suddenly it will be like it's no longer important and trying will be a barrier likewise failing will be.....................................................................??

You know I should share this with you; it's a geek girl secret that I'm sure we all share.

When a girl is hurt once the courage to go on and love again is so hard to find that it tears her up inside to know that the person they trust would hurt them the way they did and no wonder many a times geek girls take so long to fall in love again because it's the hurt they carry in their heart all the time that holds them down and I think just maybe if we as girls would let that hurt and pain go we could find happiness again.

Because the place where it may seem impossible to come from is where it needs to pour out from like rain from the sky.

I took my own advice that I am giving and it worked miracles for me that's why I'm sharing this so that girls out there can know that everything is not lost an life as it is will get better for all of us geek girls.

As the writer I think every girl deserves to be happy with or without a guy's help. Every girl wants that fashion fairytale life with the one they love and whether it be a geek girl, ordinary girl, hidden girl or popular girl they all deserve one thing "TRUE HAPPINESS" from the heart, body, mind and soul even if there happiness is not with that special someone.

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