What a geek girl wants

Geek girls have wants too, but the question is what and why??
And this book gives just a few reasons to that question. :-)


1. Just me

My definition of a geek girl is someone who is hidden behind everyone. No one sees her. 

She is the educated person everyone goes to for help with their work and then they get the praises and she just stands aside and let them shine. 

She is afraid to show her true self and no one knows her fears, likes, dislikes or even how to make her smile. 

She is overlooked by every boy because she is a straight 'A' student with all these standards to keep and expectations to uphold that the times she might take to live a little is the time she listens to music, read her favorite book or maybe go to the library and drown herself in more books.

 Sometimes she is even so hidden that she is never invited to do anything with anyone.

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