my Fate

my life had been pretty unlucky, average-y, and boring. growing up with strict parents as mine you cant expect life to be amazing. that was before eric came into the picture....


5. chapter 5

i cant help but kiss him back as he pulls me closer to him, holding me by my waist. This feels amazing! This is the most amazing feeling in the world! he pulls away and ninety percent of me wants to pull his lips back to mine again but i dont do that. he looks at me with that precious smile, making me feel almost as if im physically melting in his arms. "you're a good kisser" he winks at me making me blush. thats a lie! BIG FAT LIE! i cant be a good kisser, because this is my first kiss... that was my first kiss. oh my god eric just took my first kiss. butterflies explode in my stomach and i blush even more. i probably look like a tomato. "come on" he smiles before he continues "text cora to come and meet us at my table" he takes my hand and leads me to his throne. 


in class all i could think about was eric. all i kept asking myself was how this even was possible! how does someone like eric like me for that long and not have the COURAGE to tell ME? its just not possible. theres also the whole this isnt fair thing as well. its not fair that after all this time of me liking someone they decide to tell me when im moving away. to another state. how could you be so stupid? why keep it to yourself for so long? this just isnt fair.

i brush the negative thoughts out of my head as a positive one rushes in. cora! she seemed to really hit it off with the girls up there at the "throne". im happy for her. its better if shes up there with that many people to keep her busy. im going to miss her so much, i hope she will too. oh who am i kidding? she'll probably forget about me after a week. its always been like that. people never stick around with me. its how its always been and its always how it will be. even though i hate it, i cant do much about it. i cant change how people feel about me. i cant change who i am. i cant be prettier so people will like me more. its just my life, and unfortunately its always going to stay this way. 


as the final bell of the day rings, i dont want to leave school. its my very last day here and i just dont want to leave. not after everything that happened today. it still feels surreal. i pinch myself again for like the 6th time since lunch making sure this isnt just a dream. and just like all the other 5 times i dont wake up. im still at school surrounded by seniors and juniors rushing past me to get out of school. 

i get to my locker and get the last scraps of things out, take my lock and start walking towards the exit. i walk as slow as i can making every last moment here count as i take a look around remembering all the silly memories of me here. there was the picture of me in the basketball team at 7th grade. yeah im over that phase now. the pictures of our camp trips come up, reminding me of how i never really appreciated this place. 

before i know it im out the door. the soft wind brushed against my skin and runs its fingers through my hair as it passes me. i cant believe im leaving this whole place tomorrow morning. 

i start walking my usual route home when i feel something wrap itself around me. i scream as i jump up in the air, im going to punch whoever this is I SWEAR TO G- "HAHAHAHAHA" i hear the familiar laugh. the most beautiful and angelic laugh in the world. i hold my hand against my chest because i feel like i just had a fucking heart attack.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ERIC? YOU COULDVE KILLED ME YOU IDIOT!!!" i scream at him while i watch him fall to the ground holding his stomach of laughter. 

"HAHAHAHAHAHA oh god rubs youre adorable" he gets up and brushed the dirt of him "i would never kill you, i like kissing you too much now" he winks at me. he walks closer to me and lays a soft kiss on my lips. he spins around and takes my hand leading me back to my original route. "so i was thinking we could go to your house, and we'll get changed" he says and i give him a confused look. 

"changed? what do you mean?" i ask.

"we are going on an... adventure!" he gives me a cheeky smile.

"an adventure?" i pause. "im sorry i cant... i have to pass" i know my parents arent going to let me go on an 'adventure' with a boy, so i just want to save myself from embarrassment and just say no myself. god dammit why is it that the only people keeping me from being happy are my parents? they label it as 'protecting me' and that theyre 'doing this for my own good' but its not. theyre just ruining me. i let out a sigh as i just look ahead. this is so unfair.

"WHAT? why not?!" he stops in his tracks, and lets go of my hand.

"i just cant i still have some packing to sorry eric" i lie not wanting to tell him my parents are so over protective and un-logical that they wont let me go anywhere with my friends. he raises an eyebrow, his expression shows that he doesnt believe me. "no. youre lying" he says bluntly. i let out another sigh and look down at my hands. 

"okay... i was lying... but my parents wont let me go on an 'adventure' with a boy" i feel my cheeks getting red. i hear his footsteps as he steps closer to me.He lifts my chin so he can look into my eyes. "well we just wont have to tell them would we?" he whispers in his low raspy voice. 

"i cant do that! she'll be waiting for me. and she'll be pissed if i go home late. you dont understand i live in a prison. i have to be home. im so sorry" why do my parents have to be like this. i made a promise to myself that i would never do what they did to me, to my children. Because it is the worst thing ever. 

"nuh-uh! babe you are coming on this adventure with me. i want to be with you before you go to another state!" he points out the obvious. one time wont hurt right? i'll... just tell them i... um was filling in my forms and stuff and cleaning out my locker and saying goodbye to everyone. yeah! that could work. i hope.

"fine. i'll come to your little adventure with you." my smile is so wide and im sure you can see the whole night sky in my eyes because they are probably just twinkling away like stars. 

he gives a cheeky smile and says "i knew i could make you come!" i chuckle at him. his cute smile gives me butterflies,  he grabs my hand again and i instantly get shivers from his touch. we start walking again and i cant think of anything to say so i just look down and stay silent waiting for him to say something as we keep walking. Another minute or so goes by before he asks me something. "ruby are you okay?" confused i look up at him. 

"what do you mean?" i laugh a little before i continue "yeah! i am" do i not look okay?

like yes i have shit going on but i try to make it not obvious as much i can. thats why you'll always see me with a smile. i spend most of my time laughing trying to block my life from affecting me in any more negative way than it already is. around people im loud and cheery, never leaving a sign of me being somewhat down.

i laugh at almost everything, which is annoying because somethings are really not funny. i end up annoying most of my friends because of my loudness and how i am as a person. i try to be different and i try to change all that but its hard to just suddenly change yourself.

with all of that i have places in where im so quite, places where when im there not a word escapes my mouth. places where i am shy. places where no one can make me laugh. as much i love being the loud bubbly person i am, i love being alone and quite more. i like being by myself especially since ive been alone most of my life. 

"you seem out of it for the past few months. has anything been bothering you?" he doesnt look at me but he just keeps walking. how? how have i looked out of it? how does a guy like him see past my smile, the loudness and the laughs? how do you get that assumption from a girl like that? "is because of the move or has something else been up with you?" he asks looking at me this time. my hand in his still, he pulls me into the street on our left. i wonder where he's taking me.

"no! no! umm i only found out about the move last week." i state remembering how perfect things were last week before i found out. well they were alright, not perfect exactly. "then what is it?" he asks again before i could speak. 

"nothing. everything has been fine eric. plus i dont know how you get the impression that someone as loud as me has been out of it lately. like im probably the loudest girl in my class! no joke." i laugh a little at how true the things i said are.

"yeah youre right" he flashes a smile before he continues "you should probably text your mum and tell her you'll be a little late today. i mean im sure you wouldnt want her to get more worried than she already is." he winks at me.

OH SHIT! i quickly get my phone out of my pocket and unlock it FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! im so screwed. i look at the time and its already 3:36. what the hell? bullshit. me and eric have not been walking for half an hour. what the fuck is this? i let go of eric's hand and start typing. 

'hey mum, i'll be a little late today so dont worry about me. im just taking care of some stuff. see ya around' i stop typing and look up at eric. "when will we be done?" i ask him. "we should be done by 7, maybe 7:30" he replies. i continue typing '7:30 :) love you' i press send hoping she wont get pissed at me and tell me to come home.

just as im about to put my phone back in my pocket and hold eric's hand again when my phone vibrates. i unlock it once again and stare at the phone, my eyebrows crossing as i read it over and over again. okay.... 

"what wrong?" eric asks concern filling his voice. i look up at him in shock as i read it out loud to him. "she says 'okay honey take all the time you need. just be home before 9'" he looks down at me with his pearly and says "see look i told you" i cant believe this! what kind of a miracle is today? what is giving me so much luck? is this a dream that i still haven woken up from?



hi to the people who are reading this :) i wont take much of your time but i just wanted to say i would really appreciate it if you guys could drop a like or comment saying what you think. honestly i just want to write a book where i get lost in it while i write it, and i also want the readers to get lost while they read it. i have so many ideas that i want to bring to this book, but it will take some time. i also tend to leave things half done if i feel like its not really worth it. here is where im gonna need you, the readers, help. i need motivation to keep going and i would appreciate it so so much if you guys just simply liked it or wrote a simple comment. also it would mean a lot if you guys could recommend this to your friends if you think they would like it. i know it sounds like a cheesy story but please if you guys bare with me i will try my best to make this the book i have in mind. sorry if i wasted your time (that is if you even bothered reading this) but yeah thank you anyways. lots of love, me. :)

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