my Fate

my life had been pretty unlucky, average-y, and boring. growing up with strict parents as mine you cant expect life to be amazing. that was before eric came into the picture....


4. chapter 4

its the day before my flight and i've spent the last week packing the house with mum. which meant that i couldn't hang out with cora at all, and that sucked so much. 

i get out of bed, annoyed that i have to go school, but when the though of seeing cora comes to my head, I'm no longer tired. the thought of not being able to see her in person anymore scares me so much. i head to the shower knowing that the warm water will calm me down, and i was right. as soon as the warm water hits my bare skin i feel so much calmer.

i get out, do my hair and make-up, put some clothes on grab my phone and bag and run down the stairs. i grab myself a bowl of cereal and sit down at the table. i press the home button on my phone to see the time and the screen lights up. i stare at the notification i have. its a text, from an unknown number. what the? i open the text and the message read:

"hey ruby :) i've heard you're moving away and that today is your last day. can i ask you to meet me at the back of the portables at lunch. i need to tell you something. -anon"

who is this? how did they get my number? and what do they want to tell me? all these questions and scenarios pop in my head making me nervous. what if its some stupid kid pulling a prank? what if its MIKEALA pulling a prank? what if...what if its eric pulling a prank? oh god! i reply with shaking hands.

"who is this and how did you get my number?" i press send and almost immediately get a respond.

"don't worry about that. you'll see who i am at lunch. please come its important."

they're right! i couldn't live with the curiosity of not knowing who it is. "okay i'll meet you at lunch."

they reply a thank you and i put my phone in my pocket.


"who do you think it is?" cora asks me, handing me my phone back.

i give her a dumb founded look "don't you think i would've told you by now if i knew? i have no idea you idiot!" 

"okay geez calm down girl. it was just a question" she gives me that look i hate. i don't know how to explain. its like she rolls her eyes but not really. i hate it when she does it. i brush it off "i guess i just have to wait and see who it is" i flash the best smile i can give at her and walk off to my class. 


i stare at the clock. 5 more minutes before lunch.ugh! today has gone by so slow. its like father time knows how much i want to know who this person is so he's just making time go by slower. i get more and more nervous as i watch the seconds go by. counting down to that stupid bell i hate and love at the same time. i start packing my stuff away as i imagine all these scenarios of how this is gonna go. theres both good and bad scenarios, and they both make me nervous. i get so caught up in my thoughts, when the bell rings.

FINALLY! i shoot up from my seat and run out the door to cora's locker. as soon as she sees me she flashes a smile as she takes my stuff from me. "you go! i'll take care of your shit." i mouth her a thank you before i run off to the portables. before i turn to get to the back of the portables i stop and take a deep breath as the question of who it is crosses my head for the last time. "okay. lets do this" i mumble as i turn the corner. and no one is there. "ummm is anyone here?" as soon as i say that someone comes down from one of the steps that lead to the back door of the portable. from the figure i see that they're a boy. then they turn around... no way! it cant be... am i dreaming?

"hi" i whisper loud enough for him to hear.

"hey" he smiles his pearly white smile that could kill me. his teeth are so perfect and he hasn't even had braces.

"how did you get my number?"

"i asked cora for it." my eyes go wide, and he steps closer to me.

"she was in on this?" you can clearly see that I'm annoyed in my expression.

"i asked her to not tell you. so please don't get mad at her. please" he looks genuinely sorry. he's right in front of me now, with his hands placed on my arms. his brown hair is in a messy quiff and his light brown eyes are shinning like usual. i could get lost in them all day.  

"i wont. don't worry" i sigh. "so what did you wanna tell me?"

"i told you to come here because i need to tell you something i've been wanting to tell you for a long time now... ruby i really like you" what? WHAT?

"what?" i whisper, completely shocked at what i just heard. this is a dream! yeah theres no way he would like me. NO WAY!

"i've liked you for more than a year, and i guess i never had the courage to tell someone so beautiful that i like them" okay now this has to be a dream. 100%. theres not a chance that this is happening in real life. okay where are the cameras? Mikeala you can come out now! 

"are you serious?" 

"of course i am ruby! do i look like I'm joking?" shit! good job ruby, way to offend him. i look at him and he looks genuine. maybe this is real. maybe dreams do come true for me. 

"! i mean why wait so long to tell me?" 

"i told you..."he moves his left hand on my cheek and holds my face. his skin against mine feels warm. "... i couldn't find the courage to tell someone as beautiful as you" his smile is warmer than usual.  

"i like you too" i whisper as my cheeks go a bright red colour, and as i look into his eyes i see them light up when he hears that. his smile goes wider. maybe he does REALLY like me a lot. "...but we cant be together" my life officially sucks. 

his smile drops and his eyes turn grey. "why not? if its the distance we can figure something out! we could Skype everyday and text its not like the times are diffe-" i cut him off

"its not parents would kill me if i had a boyfriend" and once again the question of why do my parents have to be like this? pops in my head again. 

"i don't care about them. i want you! plus we can hide it from them. we CAN make this work." he looks so hopeful its adorab- shut up ruby dammit! really not the time.

i shake my head and look down at my feet. "no we cant. they would eventually find out, and if they do they will be pissed! I'm finally having them give me some space if something like this happens, they will get even more strict with me and god i cant have that!" yeah ruby nice going. just pour your miserable life in front of him you idiot. you think he cares? god you really don't know when to shut up do you?

"we can make this work... please ruby give it a chance. give US a chance! please" he lifts my chin up and looks into my dark brown eyes. i wonder what he thinks of my eyes... i give him a sorry look. god why am i so unlucky? "i told you i don't care about them. i want you and thats it. i'll do anything for you..." he leans closer to me as he hold my face in his hand. is he about to kiss me? what is happening? 

just as his lips are about to touch mine i pull back. 

he looks shocked as i step back from him, having denied his kiss. "whats wrong?" he asks stepping closer.

"i told you i cant do this" i whisper just loud enough for him to hear. he starts walking even closer to me on an angle, and with every step he takes i take one back. after a few steps my back hits the portable. oh no! he's centimetres from me when he stops. looking down at me he stretches one hand and places it next to my head leaning against that arm, while he strokes my hair with the other. "isn't this what you wanted since like, i don't know, more than a year? or have i been imaging you looking at me the way you do?" he says in his husky voice through a smirk, and a raised eyebrow. "come on rubs! you know you want this to happen!" he speaks so confidently.

"just because i want something to happen doesn't mean it should happen, especially not something like this! things are finally going alright and I'm seriously not in the mood to ruin them agai-" I'm cut off. not by him saying something... I'm cut off by his lips against mine. he's kissing me! ERIC is kissing me!



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