my Fate

my life had been pretty unlucky, average-y, and boring. growing up with strict parents as mine you cant expect life to be amazing. that was before eric came into the picture....


3. chapter 3

okay from here on is where the real story begins. no more random cheesy crap about my childhood its gonna be where some interesting things happen. I'm gonna skip all the boring and awkward years of 7 and 8 and just go to year 9. i hope you enjoy reading about my random life.

"what?! you're moving?" cora yelled in shock making everyone around us turn and look at us. 

"yeah... I'm moving to Sydney." you could clearly tell i wasn't happy at all about the whole moving thing. even though I'm just moving to a different state in Australia, its still a lot for me.

"when? why didn't you tell me sooner rubs?" i have a feeling that she's gonna start crying soon.

"in a week..." i pause "i didn't know about this until last night either. mum and dad found a really good job opportunity so we're going to move to Sydney." I've lived in Melbourne all my life i cant just ditch this place like its nothing. 

"oh my god... i cant believe they're doing this to you again" okay so the thing is ive stayed in one state but ive moved around a lot. this was the longest ive stayed at one school which was 3 years so i got pretty attached to it even though its a shitty school filled with shitty people. 

"yeah same though. like im gonna miss you so much... i'm also gonna miss Eric" 

"for fucks sake ruby! don't even go saying shit like that you idiot. like you've been crushing on him for more than a damn year girl! he aint interested" shes right i have been crushing over him for more than a year. i never had the guts to go and confess to him or anything. i mean after all i wasnt exactly the prettiest girl ever... or pretty at all.

"ouch cor! geez you wanna just take a knife and cut me? because like that would hurt less" i snicker at her comment.

"but like seriously he doesnt deserve you! youre like WAAY out of his league hun" 

"umm no i think you meant that the other way around" 

"no i dont. you are so beautiful and amazing you dont even know it." 

i reach for her glasses "yo cor i think you need new glasses.i think these ones have stopped working lately." she slaps my hand and takes her glasses back as we both laugh.

"uuuh cor can i ge-" 

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGG! the bell goes off signalling the end of lunch.

we get up and go to our next class. Eric's class is next to mine and i watch him every now and then. he looks so cute in his glasses it kills me.

"he's looking at you again" cora whispers with a smirk on her face.

"okay that is a lie, like all the other times you told me that." i dont know why she likes to say things like this even though we both know its not true. i mean like i know shes trying to be nice but it just gets my hopes up so much to have it come crashing down harder. Even though i wanna believe it, part of me still doesnt want to. 

"you never believe me do you?"

"no i dont! because hes out of my league and he goes for girls that are more like mikeala. not me..." mikeala storr, the biggest bitch to exist. i rather be friends with regina george than be friends with mikeala. small detail about her that makes me hate her even more, she dated eric. 

"whatever i'll prove you wrong one day" she smirks

i dont get her sometimes. i mean 5 minutes ago she was telling me to get over him and now shes giving me hope that he likes me? dont get me wrong shes my best friend and i love her but sometimes she just confuses me. 

**skip the rest of the day** 

as the final bell of the day rings i head home. i gotta start packing so we can finish as soon as possible so i could hang out with cora. even though i dont wanna leave home, im seriously excited for a fresh start. i could change myself. be someone for once. im gonna miss cora and this place but i cant wait to start fresh.

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