my Fate

my life had been pretty unlucky, average-y, and boring. growing up with strict parents as mine you cant expect life to be amazing. that was before eric came into the picture....


2. chapter 2

until grade 3 i used to stay home by myself until mum and dad came home, which was around 7 or 8 pm. during those few years i never had a babysitter or anyone to take care of me. every morning mum would send me off to school as she went to work herself, and i would catch a bus back home.

she would always make sure to leave left over food from the night before so i had food to eat. she thought me from a very young age how to use a microwave so all i had to do was warm up my food in the microwave and eat it. i didnt mind being alone that much though because we  lived in a unit so i felt pretty safe i guess.

But there was one thing i hated. the stormy nights, specifically the thunders. every time there would be a storm i would turn the tv up so high and snuggle in a warm blanket as i hugged a pillow all night long. i never cried of the terror though. like i would scream when the thunder would strike but i never cried. i dont know why.

After grade 3 my mum told me to catch the bus to my grandma's house. i was relieved but also disappointed. you see my parents are very protective of me. that meant that i couldnt go out and play with the other kids. but when i was alone i would rebel and go out anyways. but at my grandma's house i couldnt do that. things became dull. i got more alone after school especially since i wasnt allowed to go over to anyones house or have anyone come over.

My best friend became the tv and i wouldnt stop watching it all day. i remember there were times where my grandma had to turn off the tv by force just so i could do my homework. which kind of set me off in tears.

I like how when someone likes something or someone they get so attached to them that when those things or people are taken away from them we feel like theres a massive part of our life missing. At the same time i dont like that part of life. things like that annoy me. to me "addictions" are stupid. addictions are just an excuse to overdose on something you feel like you enjoy. I cant talk much because ive been addicted to so many things.

But hey thats just my opinion and lets be honest there are more that 7 billion people in the world so no one really cares about my opinion am i right?

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