my Fate

my life had been pretty unlucky, average-y, and boring. growing up with strict parents as mine you cant expect life to be amazing. that was before eric came into the picture....


1. chapter 1


a/n okay so this chapter and the next one are gonna be kind of an introduction thingy. im just letting you know that this isnt the real story i'll be writing so dont worry its not exactly this boring. also i wanna try and make this not a cheesy book and have like an unexpected kind of plot to it so do bare with me after all this is my first story i just hope people will like it. 


ill start from the beginning. i was born on the 2nd of January, a girl upon many other humans born on that day, week month and so on. i was a girl with dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, i was little and chubby as well. my parents decided to call me Ruby, you know like the gem. i dont know why though. because there really isnt anything i have that resembles such a pretty stone. im sorry im probably boring you! but bare with me we'll get to the good bits in time, in fact faster than you think. so lets skip the whole saying my first word, learning to walk and go all the way to first grade.

the reason to why i stopped here is because its the first time i had a crush on someone. which is weird, because most girls my age at that time were always like "eww boys have cooties!" and you know all that stuff you said about boys when you were little.

but i... i was different. i fell so in love with this boy named sam, and his beautiful grey eyes that i still remember now after so many years. the thing is i thought he liked me back... keyword: THOUGHT. its funny because i remember the reason i fell in "love" with him as well. not to be all cheesy like every story you ever read now-a-days but i remember that i used to get picked on by the year 5's, and he... well he was kind of my hero!

the girls would come and pick on me and he would always tell them off. it was an amazing feeling to know that you're protected by someone. i remember one time they held their arm around my neck and took me to him. the girls had these grins on their faces as they watched him look at me. when he saw me he was shocked but after a second his shocked expression turned into anger. and to be honest he looked scary when he was angry. he ran towards me and the girls and pulled me away from them.

i remember him holding me close to him as he told them off. i felt so safe knowing he would always protect me. slowly- no immediately this became a habit. i would sit there counting down the seconds to lunch and recess so i could have him save me again. i became... addicted to the feeling. it soon became my drug. i was no longer scared when the year 5 girls came to me. i would just smirk as soon as i saw them. i felt happy when they threatened me and took me to him. because when he would see me he would run and save me. i loved it!more than anything in this world.

one day as the bell went i ran outside to a place where i could be spotted by them easily. i waited and waited and waited... but nothing. no one came, neither of them even came close to me or looked my way. i felt mad. what are they doing? NO! they need to come and get me. after a little while he came up to me. i could see his bold grey eyes from miles away. he slowly walked towards me and said "they will never come and get you again. i told them to leave you alone for good."

most people would be happy to hear that sentence. but me? i was shattered. he said it so blankly, he looked at me so blankly. it wasnt like he was happy that they no longer annoyed me. he seemed cold all of a sudden. the atmosphere around us turned gloomy.

after that we never talked again. NEVER. and we were even in the same class. i tried confronting him and talking to him but he just wasnt interested. i felt heart broken. i thought... i thought he liked me. i mean he seemed like he did! wouldnt you yourself think someone that did those things liked you as well? after that i was so heart broken. i was shattered to pieces.

have you ever seen someone with an addiction, when they're trying to stop their addiction? i was like that. i went crazy. i wanted more. i CRAVED  for more. i needed him to save me again. i needed that rush but i didnt ever get it again. 

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