My Hard Choice

Love ...
it's a double edged weapon
cuz with it you gain feelings , and with it you lose them ...
and in my case i had to live both of them.


5. the start of something new

Liam's P.O.V

i went to bed , trying to think this can't be happening ...i kept changing sides on my bed then i admitted it i can't sleep .... my head is about to explode ..

i figured out that i need a walk ... i got dressed and took my house keys and my phone and i went out

where am i going anywhere ?! ...i don't know ! i just need some fresh air 

i walked putting my hands in my pockets , i didn't even turn around me i kept staring at the ground kicking small rocks

...i feel that i've been walking for so long what's the time now ! i took out my phone .. it's 10:15 pm  

gosh i need to go home i held my head up to find out that the girls house is on my right ..all lights were off , except for

one room !

____ Emily's P.O.V ____

i've been lying on my bed for an hour trying to sleep , i was sleepy and tired as hell , but i don't know why i can't sleep now ! know that kind of people who rewind their

day before they sleep , yes ! i'm one of them ... but this time i'm rewinding just the concert time of the day ... why can't 

he feel my love towards him ...i sat on my bed with my knees up and my head resting on them ..crying ....just crying ! i

didn't know what else to do ...

____Liam's P.O.V____

i kept staring at the window and suddenly i saw emily sitting on her bed crying ....what happened ? why is she crying ? 

i ran to their house knocking ..

emily opened the door 

" are you okay ? " i asked loudly

" shhhh , yes , what are you doing here ?" she said whispering 

" i'm sorry i was loud , i was worried " i said 

" worried ? about what ? " she asked 

" about you , i mean you were crying up there " i said 

" nothing to worry about " she said smiling  , " what are you doing here anyway ? " she continued 

" i needed to have some fresh air , and i found myself here " i said sighing 

" something happened ? " she asked 

i nodded looking at the ground 

" wanna talk about it ? she asked 

i held my head up and looked at her 

" come in " she said and stepped backwards for me to go in 

though i never gave an answer for her question , i found myself going in 

we  went up to her room  ...i started telling her everything that happened and how much i felt broken inside

" i'm sorry to hear that , but believe me everything is gonna be okay don't worry " she said rubbing my shoulder trying to consoling me 

_____ Emily P.O.V ______

i rubbed liam's shoulder trying to comforting him but then he looked at me in the eyes and i just felt that i wasn't even breathing !!we stared at each other for a while ...okay this is getting weird now !! 

" what ? " i asked smiling 

he didn't answer and,Oh my god !!!!!!!! i definitely didn't see that coming ! he kissed me .....


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