My Hard Choice

Love ...
it's a double edged weapon
cuz with it you gain feelings , and with it you lose them ...
and in my case i had to live both of them.


3. the spaces between us

Tom left us with the boys and went to the hotel 

___ Emily P.O.V ______


" so what to do ? " Niall said 

" i'm so freakin hungry ! have any thing to eat ? " i said 

" nothing's ready but we can make something " Liam said 

" ok then , anyone's hungry ? " i said

" yes " Sarah said 

" i'll have some of whatever you're doing " Jessica said 

" let's all eat , it would be our first lunch together " Harry said 

" sounds great " Louis said 

i went with liam and niall to the kitchen to make lunch  

" so what you have ? " i asked liam 

" we can make pasta with meat balls , i have the ingredients " Liam said 

" great then shall we start " Niall asked

" yes please " i said smiling 


Mean While 

______ Sarah P.O.V _____

Emily , Liam and Niall went to the kitchen to make dinner and jessica , harry , louis and I are in the living room watching tv and chatting 

" so , are you excited  ? " harry asked me 

" yeah , it's gonna be fun and a lot of your fans will be there " i said 

" it's our first time to sing with another band " Louis said 

" us too " i said smiling 

20 mins later 

" lunch is ready guys " Emily said smiling and putting the dishes on the table with niall and liam 

all of us went to the table we started eating 

" yummy , so who should i give credit to for this tasty food ? " i asked  

" Emily  "  Liam said 

" no , it was totally you " Emily said 

" they both made it and i was the judge " Niall said 

we all laughed and continue eating 


Emily P.O.V 

that was a nice lunch and it broke the ice between i , liam and niall and it brought me closer to them 

days passed and the two weeks passed , and it was the day for our performance together 

my voice replace liam's , zayn's and niall's voice in their songs 

while sarah's voice replace niall's and liam's and harry's 

and jessica's voice replace niall's and louis's 

we sang their songs and some others singer's songs we had fun a lot and when i sat down in some songs i always

found niall sitting next to me  , cracking jokes sometimes , having side talks sometimes 

and he's a gorgous guy but he wasn't the one i wanted to have around .... cuz simply who i wanted , who i .... loved 

wasn't available ...Sophia already had took his heart ..












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