My Hard Choice

Love ...
it's a double edged weapon
cuz with it you gain feelings , and with it you lose them ...
and in my case i had to live both of them.


2. the magic begins

It all started since our production agency told us that we gonna sing live with one direction  

and that we have to start rehearsing for two weeks  so here it goes ...

* phone ringing *

" Hello " i answered with a sleepy voice 

" you still asleep ! , are you kidding Emily , we're on the way to pick you wake up " Sarah said 

" okay , i'm awake just give me 10 mins " i said getting up off the bed 

it took 3 hours to get there , we went to a beautiful big house where the boys were waiting for us and once the door was

opened a beautiful husky dog came out running 

" hey boys " said tom our manager 

" hey Mr tom " the boys said 

" i want you to meet " Lavender's Affect " " tom said 

"the beautiful Jessica " tom said as jessica came in 

" hey boys " jessica said 

" and here comes Sarah " tom said as sarah came in 

" hey , how are you doing ? " sarah asked waving her hand

" and finally Emily " tom said 

" where is she ? " harry asked 

tom went out the door looking for me 

" Hahaha , of course ! " tom said 

the boys came out to see me but i was just a little bit busy 

" you're the cutest thing ever " i said giggling while petting the dog 

" Loki , come here " liam shouted 

his dog went running to him and left me 

" hey ! , we were having fun " i said 

liam smiled 

" ok , come meet the boys Emily " tom said 

" hey guys , how are you doing ? " i said

" we're good Emily , thank you " harry said 

" ok guys , since all of you know each other we better start working as soon as possible , we need you to know each

other well so we wanna do a little experiment , tomorrow we'll move you to another house to live together for two 

weeks , it's gonna be fun " tom said in excitement  

" and for now i'm gonna go to the hotel you should stay in tonight , girls you should stay in here to know each other

better " tom continued 

i , sarah and jessica nodded 

" ok girls , see you later " tom said leaving us with the boys 





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