My Hard Choice

Love ...
it's a double edged weapon
cuz with it you gain feelings , and with it you lose them ...
and in my case i had to live both of them.


4. shit happens !

______ 2 HOURS LATER ______

----Emily P.O.V------

it's 8:00  pm now , we've finished the concert , and we're all tired as hell all of us went backstage to go home 

i really wish zayn to be with us , it'd be fun 

" That was awesome guys " Harry yelled happily " woah " he shouted raising his hands in the air 

" yeah , i had fun " i said 

" you guys were great " Jessica said 

" you too guys " liam replied smiling 

" i'm so tired " sarah said 

" let's go home , i wanna sleep " i said 

we all started to move , 30 mins later everyone was home 

jessica , sarah and i went to the house which joe had rented to us 

and the boys went to their homes 

--------- Liam's P.O.V -------


i took my phone out of my pocket to find a msg notification from sophia

i smiled and opened it 

" i need a break " .....

what ! she needs a break ?! from me ? 

i called her , but she didn't answer 


" there's nothing to talk about , liam " 

seriously !! that's the cruelest way to break up with me ....



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