My Hard Choice

Love ...
it's a double edged weapon
cuz with it you gain feelings , and with it you lose them ...
and in my case i had to live both of them.


7. hmm , interesting !


You know this type of people that takes it real


slow in relationships and never date a guy who


just broke up cuz he'll probably can't make right


decisions ??


Yeah that's NOT ME !


--------Emily P.O.V--------


I opened my eyes and turned around on my back


to find liam sleeping next to me ...


*So that wasn't a dream ! I slept with liam payne ! *


" good morning , honey " liam said with a sleepy voice


* i'll dance with my underwear later * 


" good morning " i said smiling


"Yesterday was .... " liam said


*Don't say a mistake please*


"Amazing ? " i asked


" i actually was looking for a more powerful word , but amazing does the trick too " he said smiling


Then he leant in and kissed me softly on my lips


"I'm hungry , are you ? " i asked


" yes " he said 


i took the blanket off me and started to get out of bed , but ..


" Emily " liam said holding my hand so i won't go 


i looked at him smiling 


" will you be my girlfriend ? " liam asked 


" i know that i'm not sophia's friend but i don't know ! , isn't it too soon ? " i said 


" it feels right to me " liam said 


i smiled 


" so ? " liam asked 


i nodded and smiled , he approached to me and kissed me


" i'll go make breakfast " i said 


"  and i'll take a shower " liam said 


i nodded and  went downstairs to make something to eat  , i found jessica in the kitchen 


" good morning " i said 


" good morning , emily " jessica said  , " you know what's really weird ? " jessica asked 


" what ? " i asked while making fried eggs and drinking juice 


" yesterday i woke up late to go to the bathroom , and i swear i could hear liam's voice coming out of your room " she said 


i chocked and started coughing " oh really ? " i asked in between coughing 


" he is in your room " jessica said while opening her eyes wide and her jaw nearly touching the ground 


i looked at her " well , you can say somethin......."


" hi , jessica " liam said waving


we turned around to look at liam 


my eyes are wide open and my mouth is open a little , jessica dropped a spoon she was holding " oh , you're half naked ! " she said 


his waist was rapped with a towel and that was the only thing he had on him 


" yes , sorry i couldn't find my clothes " liam said 


" you didn't search very well then " i said 


" would you like to help me ? " he said winking 


" not really " i said shaking my head slowly 


" uhh " he mumbled and went upstairs 


"hmm , interesting ! " jessica said sarcastically


" shut up " i said rolling my eyes 


she giggled 


" where's sarah ? " i asked 


" she's still asleep " jessica answered 


" i'm back , you need help " liam asked 


" no , we've finished " i answered 


* liam's phone ringing *


" hey, zayn  " liam answered 


" yeah sure , ok , i'll be there in an hour " liam continued 


" is everything okay ? " i asked 


" yeah the boys are meeting , i gotta go " liam said getting up of the chair 


" won't you have breakfast ? " i asked 


" i'll have it with the boys " he answered while wearing his jacket 


" i'll see you later , ok ? " he said then kissed me a quick kiss on my lips 


i nodded " ok  " i said while closing the door after him 


i looked at jessica , both of us started to giggle 


" good morning , girls " sarah said rubbing her eye 


we looked at her holding our laughs 


" what's happening ? " sarah asked 


" i'm dating liam payne " i shouted and started to jump in my place and laughing with jessica 











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