My Hard Choice

Love ...
it's a double edged weapon
cuz with it you gain feelings , and with it you lose them ...
and in my case i had to live both of them.


8. Don't hurt her !

15 minutes later

Liam's p.o.v

" hey guys " i said

" hey " the boys said

" why didn't you wait for me to order with you " i asked

" i was so hungry man , sorry " niall said

" we didn't want him to order alone so we all ordered " louis said

" i waited for you though " zayn said

" finally a true friend " i said teasing the others

" hey , i'm a true friend , but also a hungry one " harry said

I ordered and my food came , i started eating

" emm by the way , sophia dumped me last night " i said putting another fork of food in my mouth

" what was that ! " zayn said looking to the guys surprised

" we didn't get that one liam , what do you mean ? " louis asked

" okay let me put it in another words , SOPHIA DUMPED ME ! " i said

" you didn't put it in another words , you were just loud in sophia dumped me part " niall said

" my bad , but there isn't another way to say it .." I said

" and are you okay ? " harry asked

" yeah i'm good " i said cutting another piece of my pancake

" are you in a denial phase? " louis asked

" no , i also have a new girlfriend " i said

" what ! " zayn asked

" who ? " harry asked

" when did that happen ? " niall asked

I looked at louis

" oh no i'm not gonna ask anything " louis said

I gave him a relieved look " thank you " i said

" i'm just gonna wait for answers " louis continued

I rolled my eyes " fine , i have a new girlfriend , she's emily from lavender's effect "

niall choke for a second

"and that happened this morning " i said

" well we had sex yesterday , but i asked her to be my girlfriend this morning , so that makes her my girlfriend since this morning right ? " i continued

" ok let me get this straight , sophia dumped you last night and you had sex with emily last night as well ! And this morning you asked her to be your girlfriend ?! " zayn asked

" way to go smarty pants " i said

" do you even love her ? " louis asked

I stopped chewing my food for a second , i swallowed it

" i like her " i answered

" i like jessica , i didn't ask her to be my girlfriend though " harry said

" then i really like her ? " i said in an asking tone

" if you don't love her liam , don't hurt her " niall said

" no man i like her , i won't hurt her don't worry " i said

Three weeks later

EMILY p.o.v

" liam is arriving today ? " jessica asked

" yeah he is " i said excitedly

" for how long he's been gone now ? " jessica asked

" a week " i said

" that's not long ! " jessica said

" for a tour or for me " i asked

" both i guess " jessica said

" well it's long for me " i said

" it's been two weeks since you guys started dating right ? " jessica asked

" yes , they have been the best two weeks in my life " i said

* phone ringing *

" hey zayn " i said

" hey , just called to make sure that you know the boys are coming today " zayn said

" yea i know are you going to meet them too ? " i asked

" yea , will i see you there ? " zayb asked

" of course you will , can't wait actually " i said

" great , i just called them and they're gonna be at home in 15 mins , when will you be there ? " zayn asked

" in couple hours , don't tell him i'm coming i want it to be a surprise " i said

" ok , then see you there " zayn said

" ok bye " i said and hanged up

I went upstairs to take a shower and then i'll decide what to wear

Couple of hours later

I put on a nice light yellow short dress

" emily you're late girl " jessica yelled from downstairs

" i'm ready " i said going downstairs

" you look gorgeous " jessica said

I smiled " thanks , i better get going now bye " i said giving a flying kiss to jessica and picking up my car key

15 mins later

Liam's p.o.v

* door bell is ringing *

" liam open the door " zayn said

Zayn leant close to louis and whispered " that's emily " but i heard him and they both smiled

I also smiled and opened the door ..but my smile faded once i saw her

" wha... What are you doing here ?! " i asked shockingly

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