She's Kinda Hot

This is not really a fan fic, I just though it was fun to write. Thanks��


1. Bored🍆

Sofie's P.O.V

"OMG EMILY HE DID NOT!" I yelled at the phone as I heard a groan. "Sofie, can you shut up!!!!" My boyfriend yelled from the couch. I gave him a stank eye. "Luke its 12:00. Get up!" I pulled off his blanket and he rolled face first on the floor. He mumbled something and then he stood up. "Your kinda hot." He said wrapping his arm around me. I pushed him off. "I hate you." He smiled. "I love you."

*earlier at Calum's*

Emily P.O.V

"Calum cows can't talk!" I yelled at my boyfriend as he said in his chair, sipping his coffee. "In my dreams they did." He said, biting his lip. "They're crazy, Cal!" I looked at him. He had a sad, not Cal, look. "Cal, I think you have low esteem. Or your depressed." He rolled his eyes. He ignored me. "Cal...." He took another sip of coffee. "We might need to put you on meds." He rolled his eyes. "Cal. Cal. Cal. CAL!" He turned around. "Your kinda hot." I rolled my eyes. "We you even listening?" He took a sip of coffee and shook his head. I giggled and dialed up Sofie.

*later that day....*

Ashton's P.O.V

I was in my back yard drawling little things in my notebook. My neighbor was gardening when she gave me a strange look and dropped her hose. "Ashton Fletcher Irwin you have some bad brains. I giggled. "I'm pretty sure I'm good, Mrs. Hornsby." She rolled her eyes at me. "If you keep hanging out with those boys you might have no brains at all." I got a text from Cal. "Alley. NOW!" "That's them now. See ya!" I yelled at her as she murmured. "I was right. That boy has bad brains."

*in the alley*

Luke's P.O.V

"Joey quit college today." I said as all of the boys arrived. Ashton gave me a look. "Why?" "He said it felt like a job. His parents think he's a slob now." We all laughed for a minute and it became silent. "Guys, we are the New Kings and Queens of the new broken scene. But we're alright though!" Ashton yelled as we sat in the alley. "Yeah, we're alright tho'" I said as I picked up my guitar. Then it hit me. Our new hit.

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