Lou Teasdale's sister

Meet Rebecca Teasdale, when her sister ask her to help her with her clients, will she help or not? And will love bloom? Will her past catch up with her? Read to find out!


2. Falling in love

Rebecca's POV

Kate was loving being held by Liam, she was still sleeping and Lux was sleeping too, but in Harry's arms. Liam adores Kate. My other  sister Samantha had found out, so she had knew. She'll watch Kate sometimes. But I don't think that's going to happen now. The boys would want to see her all the time. That's what Lou had told me. I loaded Kate's and my things into my car. She was crying. I pulled into my driveway. I grabbed Kate and  I walked inside my house. I was up with her all night. I droved to work and Kate was still awake screaming her head,off and I nodded off. 

Lou's POV

I heard Kate crying her head off, so did the boys, and Paul. We saw Becca nodded off and Kate was screaming. Liam rushed over and picked her up. Kate had went to sleep.

"Thank god! She is sleeping. I didn't get any sleep at all." Becca said tired. I watch get up and grabbed a cup of coffee. She took a sip of it. She started to take hair supplies out of the her case.

"Niall you go first." She said. He came over and was finished, and I did Harry's hair. She also did Liam's, and Louis' hair. When Kate was given to Niall so Liam could get his hair done she started to whimper for Liam. He smiled at Becca and she blushed. HMMM! I waited for Liam and Becca, and they took Kate with them. We looked at the boys.

"I think Liam and Becca have a crush on each other. And Kate loves Liam as a father... Both of them need him. Liam can put Kate to sleep. Becca needs sleep." I told the other boys. Lux was with them too. Harry spoke up.

"I think Lou is right. She blushed when Liam smiled at her. Same with Becca and when she smiled at him." He said. Louis nodded in a agreement. Before we could plan anything I made a new group with just only, Zayn, Louis, and Niall, Harry. Liam and Becca was holding hands. We all looked at them. Becca handed me Lux and Liam had moved Kate to his other arm. I smiled at them. Liam is treating Kate like his own daughter. 

"We are going out, and I was wondering if you could watch Kate." I smiled.

"Sure." By 1 o'clock the boys was finished with their photoshoot. I grabbed Kate and her bags, and Liam and Becca headed out.

Rebecca's POV

"I was wondering if you want to put Kate to bed? I need to sleep." We had a blast and Kate was still awake and smiled at both of us. Liam agreed to held Kate asleep. She was sleeping and Liam had set her down on the bed. I had fallen asleep. Liam got on the other side of the bed. He was warm and comfy. I could lay like this forever. I mean if we stayed together. 

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