Back Again

What happens when she meets her little brother again after 15 years, will they be better together or better off not knowing each other at all

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3. School


I always hated school. But I don't got to go anymore! Yay me, school was so boring all they did was teach me things I either already knew or things I would never use is real life. Out of all the subjects I think science was my favorite, but math was the easiest to me for some reason.

I really can't wait till next week because that's when I get to see 5SoS, they are totally my favorite. I'm really gonna meet the boys they are so cute and they seem so cool. And when one of them swear and Ashton corrects them it's the most adorable thing ever. That's what I really wanna see. It's would be so cute and funny AF.


School sucked for me, but year 9 was the worst. In year 9 this guy who happens to one of my best friends, Michael beat me up and he hated me without any reason. The messed up part is that I'm younger, and I always thought that I wasn't cool enough to hang out with Calum. Now we are all best mates. The story of how we found Ashton is quite funny, we actually met him on eHarmony. You'll learn about that later. Anyway back to school, in year 10 Michael, Calum and I became like best friends, kinda.

I've always been good at math because my moms a math teacher and she's a really good teacher she would help me with the reading on my homework because I didn't like reading and I was terrible at it. Even though I was like the best at math I didn't like it, because i didn't like anything about school at all. That's why I dropped out. Well that and I had to be in the band cuz ya know they need a lead singer. My favorite part about school was lunch, because I love eating, and the end of the day when I got to go home.

---- sorry this chapters short I'm having like writers block or some shit----- ~😘Larissa😍~

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