Back Again

What happens when she meets her little brother again after 15 years, will they be better together or better off not knowing each other at all

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1. Like It Was Yesterday



I haven't seen my little brother since I was only 4 and he was 2. We got put into an adoption centre the day my parents and I brought him home, there was a huge accident and fire and 4 people died not counting my mom and dad, some how my brother and I survived. My dad didn't even get to see him more than 7 hours, then him and mom died.

Now I'm 19 and I haven't seen my brother because he got adopted by a nice couple that came all the way here to adopt him, now he's half way around the world. I remember the day they came to get him like it was yesterday.

The head mistress came in with a blonde haired lady and a slightly darker haired man who was in a fancy suit and she had a really pretty dress on. They sat down and talked to him as the head mistress put all of his things in a suitcase, usually after the head mistress got all his things packed, the people would decide that they didn't want to adopt him anymore and I was kinda hoping that this time would be the same but nope, the lady picked him up and smiled at him and hugged him and his his light blond head of hair.






I don't remember much about my sister. I haven't seen her since I was 2 and I'm 17 now so yeah. Now I'm in a band with my three best mates and we're gonna go on a world tour. I remember the day my adoptive parents adopted me. I remember it like it was yesterday.......

I was sitting around playing with my sister when the head mistress walked in with blonde lady and a dirty blonde man, they were all dressed up he had a suit and tie and she had a dress, they looked all fancy. As the head mistress got my stuff and put them in a suitcase the couple would ask me questions like "What's your name?" and "How old are you?", "Would you like to live with us and stay at our house?" and things that seem weird to me now but whatever. As they asked my questions I noticed my sister sitting in her bed and talking to the other girls and occasionally she would glance up and if I looked at her and we made eye contact she would smile that sweet smile of hers. I miss my sister so much, I wonder where she is and what's going on in her life now.

On the way to my new parents house was fun, we rode in an airplane. I still can't believe that they came all the way from Australia just to get me and adopt me, I don't see why anyone would do that for me.

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