Back Again

What happens when she meets her little brother again after 15 years, will they be better together or better off not knowing each other at all

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10. Later

Lacey's POV

I woke up next to Michael and Calum who were awkwardly laying on top of each other. "Idiots," I mumble as I walk downstairs to Luke attempting to cook what looks like pancakes.

"What's up, short cake?" I ask strolling into the kitchen. "I am not short. I am 6 4 for your information. And I'm trying to make pancakes." He said playfully rolling his eyes. "Okay, mr.bossman." I giggle out walking around and sitting at the table.

Luke's POV

As soon as she walked down here and sat at the table all I could think about is how I'm gonna tell her. I figured to go with the easiest plan. I'm going to take her on a coffee date then once we get to know each other I'll explain what happened last night with her purse and pictures and everything.

"So what're you doing Friday?" I ask seriously trying to make it sound casual. "Uhh nothing, why?" She wandered around the question as if she knew what I was going to do. "Do you maybe wanna get coffee with me Friday?" She smiles at my attempt but agrees. Yeet!

(A/N: sorry it's short and late but it's for the build up for when he tells her!!!!!!)

Michael's POV

I woke up half laying on Calum and half Calum laying on me with our legs wrapped up on top of the bed spread. As I get up Calum's eyes flutter open.

"Sup man?" I ask as the raven haired boy sits up on his elbows. He shakes his head "I don't know I just got up.". He got up and as he unknotted his legs from mine he looked at me the strangest way. "Michael...?" He starts stretching my name out, "Yeah, Cal?" "Did anything happen or did you just pass out on me?" He just had to ask. "I think I passed out on top of you dude,"

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