Back Again

What happens when she meets her little brother again after 15 years, will they be better together or better off not knowing each other at all

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12. "I'm Your Brother."

Luke's POV

I honestly, procrastinated when I took her to get coffee. I went around the block about twice then drove to the coffee shop, I couldn't remember what it's called but it's way better than StarBucks.

When we got there she looked at the sign. "At least it's not Starbucks." She said giggling a little. "Yeah," I said as we walked into the small shop.

As we got our drinks and took our seat I seen them. Dudes with cameras outside the window. "Here put these on." I said handing her my beanie and sun glasses. "Why?" She asked giving me a really confused look. "Please just do it." I say as she nods slowly and put them on.

"So can I talk to you about something that happened?" I ask almost as low as a whisper. She looks confused but nods.

Lacey's POV

Luke pulled out the pictures from his back pocket, I did the same. I set the pictures on the table, Luke lined up the ripped ends and turned them so I could see. As he looked up at me and smiled he said "I'm your brother."

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