Back Again

What happens when she meets her little brother again after 15 years, will they be better together or better off not knowing each other at all

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6. Getting Ready


Today is the day. The day in going to see 5SoS live in concert! I am so happy and I got the VIP pass so I get to go backstage and meet the boys, it's gonna be so fun. Plus I get get to go all the way to L.A. with my friends Natalie and Skyler, we've been best friends since kindergarten. That's a true friendship.

I grab my phone and put it in my back pocket of the black skinny jeans i got painted on. As I walked downstairs I heard a knock at my door. I open the door to see two very excited girls grinning at me and I return the weird smile.

"Natalie, Skyler!" I squeal giving them a huge ass hug. "Hey girl, you ready?" Skyler asked trying not to laugh, me and Natalie were laughing our asses of though just from the way Skyler was talking. I grabbed my bag and locked the door behind me and went to Skyler's Dodge Charger that was a sparkling blue with black details. It's really amazing.


I grabbed my guitar as we all got the rest of our things and got into the van. We pulled out of the driveway and we went off to the concert. When we get there we are gonna have to practice even more than we've been and then we got to get dressed and ready and all this other shit. It's so boring.

When we finally got dressed and the ladies did our hair. We still had 20 minutes until the actual concert so we sat there, for what felt like for- fucking ever. Then Michael finally broke the silence.

"Hey?" he looked at me, i really hope he doesn't ask what's wrong. "Yeah, Michael?" i say not knowing if I wanna hear his response, "What's wrong, mate?". Should I tell him, probably not but I'm probably gonna end up doing it anyway. "Oh nothing, Mikey," I lied right through my teeth, "Come on now I know something's bugging the fuck outta you," damn he caught me. "Aight, it's just I've been thinking about my sister lately," I trailed off. Michael would never understand. I'm so glad the other boys weren't there to see my bawling my eyes out. I pulled out my wallet outta my back pocket and looked at the half a ripped picture I've had well I got two. Ones of my sister when she was holding me in the hospital when her and dad went to see mom and me when I was first born, but it's just the part of my sister, she has the half with me and the other ones the half of me from a picture of me and my sister a few days before I got adopted.

"It's time," the lady said then we went out onto the stage and did our thing. We sang "Lost Boy" "Disconnected" and "The Only Reason"

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