Back Again

What happens when she meets her little brother again after 15 years, will they be better together or better off not knowing each other at all

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14. Alone With Calum

Lacie's POV

I sat in my room for a little bit, just scrolling down Twitter and checking my Tumblr when I decided that I was bored and hungry so I walked downstairs to get something to eat. As soon as I walked outta my room and passed Calum's door I heard slightly muffled light moans, I ignored it and walked down stairs and got an apple.

When I came back upstairs and scurried into my room when I heard Calum, he was still letting out the soft moans but short lines of profanities to go along with them. I laughed a little to myself and waited for him to finish as I could barely eat my apple because it was just too funny to think about.

Calum's POV

I didn't know anyone else was home and I certainty didn't know that Lacie was here; so that's when a normal guy busts out the porn right? Me too.

I was just in my room when I heard someone walk past my door, I thought I was just hearing things til they walked past my door again. I though everyone had went to the movies, must have been only the 3 guys went. I decided that I wanted to go get a drink. As I walked down the hall I ran into Lacie. "Hey," I said quietly, she smiled "hi, Calum. What's up?" she asked taking a step closer. I sighed "Not much, not feeling good." "Oh," she replied smiling. I looked at her "you know the guys are at the movies?" I asked feeling a smirk tug on my lips.

Lacie's POV

I felt like my heart just died when that smirk made it's way to his face. Redness took over my face as I shook my head slowly and looked at the ground. Suddenly I felt strong tan arms around me and I looked up to see Calum looking down upon me. I grinned back at him.

"You know if you really don't feel too well, maybe you shouldn't be jerking off so much."

I watched as his faced flushed a bright red and he bit his lip, looking down he rolled his eyes.

"Really you gonna do me like that?" He asked seriously

"I didn't do you in any way," I looked at him as he raised his head up.

He smirked, "Not yet anyway."

I tsked, "what's that's supposed to mean?"

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