Back Again

What happens when she meets her little brother again after 15 years, will they be better together or better off not knowing each other at all

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9. After a Few Coronas


After the bodyguard came in and told us that the girls had to leave I told him it was okay for her to stay and sense he does what we tell him he nodded and walked back out.

Aight. "So you got any beer?" She asked me "Yeah but you gotta ask Michael they're his." She nodded her head and went over to Michael. Michael pointed over to the corner and she walked over and came back with 4 beers.


I got really thirsty so I asked Luke if they had any beers. He told me to ask Michael they're his so I walked over to Michael who's sitting fiddling with the tuners at the top of his guitar.

"Hey, Michael. You got any beer?" I asked really hoping that he does. "Yeah right in that left corner in the back," he said pointing to the corner in the back room "Will you get me 2 please?" He asked as I walked away I held up my thumb so he knew I heard him.

There was a red cooler sitting on the table in the back of the room, I opened it and it was filled with Corona Extras. Damn is that all they drink? Probably. I grabbed 4 and made my way back to Michael. "Thanks, Lacey."

Luke's POV

After everyone but me had a beer at least except me I don't really like drinking all that much Michael bust out the speakers and hooked up his phone and 'Kids In The Dark' by All Time Low came on and everybody started rocking out.

Everyone one was dancing so Lacey set her purse on one of the chairs I guess I spun around too fast because i didn't feel my hand hit her purse til it was on the floor and the stuff inside was on the floor too. Before anyone seen it I put it all back in her purse until two little things caught my eye. Two halves of two pictures, they look familiar so I looked closer ans then it hit me like soccer ball hitting a nerds head. Lacey Jones is my sister, and to think I agreed with Michael that she was hot.

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