Kylie Juliana Host. A smart young girl with two younger brothers. He father passed away and her mother is getting married again. Kylie runs away with her two brothers to get away from her abusing step-father. She runs into a very famous boy band in her best friends flat and they help her out.


1. Running away

Kylie laid in her bed, crying. Her mother was at work, leaving her fiancé home with her daughter and sons. Kylie stood up off her bed and winced. She walked over to her closet and opened it. She grabbed her dark suitcase and set it on bed. Kylie packed all of her clothes and belongings. She then walked to the bathroom that connected her bedroom with her younger brothers. She walked through the small bathroom and opened the door. She saw two young boys, one with blonde hair and dark brown eyes like her dads, and one with Dark brown hair with light baby blue eyes like hers. "Daniel, Hayden. We're getting out of here. I want you to pack everything that you would need. Sam is asleep in Mom's room so be quiet and quick." She whispered to them as the nodded.


Kylie helped them an they walked back to her room and grabbed her suitcase. Daniel grabbed his teddy bear as Hayden grabbed his stuffed bunny. Kylie smiled and walked down the stairs with them, quietly. She walked towards the front door and opened it," Come on. I promise it will be okay." She said and kissed the heads.


Kylie and her brothers walked away from the house and towards London. They lived out of the city. In about 2 hours they made it,"Ky, we're hungry." Daniel said and Kylie looked down at them.


She pulled out her wallet and smiled, "I have enough for you two to eat. Come on." She said and walked towards the closest restaurant.


Kylie walked into Nando's with Daniel and Hayden at her heels. They waited in line to order. When they made it to the register, Daniel and Hayden ordered their food and Kylie payed for it. Kylie lead them to a booth and sat down oppisite of Daniel and Hayden. They waited for their number to be called as they boys played with their stuffed animals. Kylie got up a few minutes later and grabbed the tray that had the boys food. She walked back to the booth and sat down giving the boys their food. "Thank You, Ky." Daniel and Hayden said in usion.


Kylie nodded, "Your welcome, now eat up. After you guys eat, we'll go see my friend Liam." She said and saw a smile spread across both of their faces.


Daniel finished before Hayden and threw away his trash. Hayden soon finished and threw away his trash.He sat back down and looked at Kylie," Can we go see LiLi now?" Daniel asked and Hayden nodded along.


Kylie smiled and nodded,"Sure. Let's get go." she said and stood up. 


Daniel smiled and Hayden jumped up and down. Kylie giggled and smiled at them. They walked out and down the street towards a flat. They arrived at the flat in about 20 minutes. When they got there Kylie knocked on the door and heard voices and shuffling from the other side.

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