Torn: A Magcon Fanfic

Hello, my name is Jess Johnson, and my brothers name is Jack Johnson. Yes. Jack from magcon. Although, I hate my brother sometimes..he has hot friends. One in particular that ALWAYS catches my eye is Jack Gilinsky! He's so hot and sweet. But, Cameron Dallas has had a crush on me for years now and I don't want to hurt him.


1. Introduction

Jess's POV-

Hello, my name is Jessica, but people call me Jess for short and my brother is Jack Johnson from Jack and Jack and Magcon. I am 16 years old and have long, brown hair with blonde tips. I have had a crush on Gilinsky for about a year now but my brother doesn't know and I'm pretty scared to tell him. That's his bestfriend, actually more like brother and I don't want to ruin that. Jack and I's parents passed away last year and that's when I started to like Gilinsky. He would come over and check on us after they passed. Which is mainly why I started to like him.

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