Black blood

Recently 18 year old Zoe Smith was adopted by a headmistress of an all girls academy "black blood academy for girls" academically equipping the girls of school age the necessary requirements for education but also equipping them with the skills to defend and complete missions. top of all her classes, both academically and in her training, Zoe is faced with the difficult task. Of being a teenager. She might be head of her team, but she's still a teenager, going to parties and being at school and hanging out with friends. How will she balance her responsibilities and her teenage life?


1. Prologue: introduction of my past

My real name is Zoe Smith but here at the Black Blood Academy For Girls, my Assassin’s name is Destroyer. In my ranking I am top of every class taken for training. This includes weaponry class that’s broken into smaller classes such as blades (swords, knives things like that), gun combat, and other weaponry like grenades and smaller things like nun-chucks. We attend regular classes as we are a mix of teenagers, young adults and adults. Each age group is trained differently and in small numbers. I, myself, am in a class of 7 girls around my age, I am 18 years old and I joined at the youngest age aloud: 13.


I joined because my foster parents never looked after me properly as they had many younger children to look after and made me look after them as well. Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘that’s not to bad’ but the thing that made me leave was because I was forced into that lifestyle with those people since I was young, basically I grew up to fast.
But what made me really take action was the day I came home from school in year 6 because I skipped Gymnastics practice since it was snowing and as I walked inside I found my older ‘sibling’ standing over my foster parents, with a knife in his hand. He was 18 and ready to move out and hated our foster parents. So when I looked at them, I saw blood. And lots of it. There was so much that from where I was standing only a few meters away, I was walking in blood as it trailed from their bodies to the front door. My dad was lifeless next to mum and but she was there on the ground still alive. Barely. She was choking, spluttering and coughing blood like she was holding on for as long as she could to the tethers of life that were slowly slipping away from her. I screamed as I made eye contact with her in her final moments as she was stabbed one last time and her eyes were blank and lifeless. My brother Mark, turned around and dropped the knife in sheer surprise and began to run after me. As I ran to my room to avaid him all I heard was his voice sounding so sweet and innocent, not like the voice of the murderer he is.
“it’s OK, I'm not going to hurt you. They had it coming for a long time Zo. Don’t be afraid of me and don’t tell anyone what you saw.”
He said as I reached my room, backing myself into the corner. I curled into a ball and cried as he got closer and closer. And when he crouched down to talk to me, he put his two bloody hands on my shoulders and that’s when something inside of me snapped. No matter if they weren't my real parents, they were still more of a mother and father than my real parents were, whom I've never met.

In an instant my fist connected to his jaw and he fell off his feet to the ground which gave me a chance to get up and run. Being light and small I was able to move around better than a 18 year old boy who was all muscle (don’t ask how, he just hasn't got stamina). He chased after me and I ran through the blood making it splash like water, I ran outside into the snow filled lawn on the cold July day and as I reached the pavement and then to the road, a car screeched to a stop, sliding because of the black ice. Thankfully they didn't hit me but they did help me. Out of the black SUV was a woman who looked concerned and frantic.

Her name is Crystal Handers, also known to me today as Headmistress. Once I reached her for help I finally looked back at the house and saw Mark trailing after me like the blood from my parents that were on my shoes.
“Help me. Please help. He killed my foster parents. My foster brother killed them!”
being only 12 I didn't know weather or not to trust her but she stepped towards him blocking him from me. she punched him in the face causing him to drop the knife he had picked up once again on his way through the house. She punched him in the stomach twice causing him to fall to his knees. She dragged him inside pulling out her phone and calling 000 to come and help. I walked inside after a minute and saw that she had tied him up to a chair and he didn't threaten to move.

Moments later the police arrived to take him away but the ambulance looked him over first and them handed him over to Orange police department. The ambulance gave us a once over and checked us as OK. As I sat there in the back of the ambulance looking at my now former home trying to comprehend how someone could drastically change your entire comfortable world upside down.

Later that day the other children came back from day care and sport and I had to explain that we wouldn't live there anymore and would be split up again. I couldn't tell them that our foster parents died or that the 18 year old role model for our younger foster brothers was going to jail for those murders, only that he was going away for a long time and we don’t know when he’ll be back and that we cant visit him. I have an older sister who I told and she was just as shocked as myself when I found out. She’s 14 and she was at gymnastics practice, like I should have been, but I was to busy with the snow I thought I’d have a ‘sick day’ and went straight home.

My 14 year old sister Emily is actually my cousin but I am her foster sister as my aunt, her mother, was killed only a few years ago by a drunk driver and she never knew her dad. But we were always so close that we were like sisters, so that’s why I always call her my sister. When we were both put into the same foster care years apart, it was nice to have a family face here instead of all the strangers surrounding us.

Headmistress, or Crystal came up to me after the police left with Mark so the children didn't see him. She knelt down next to me.
“Hi. My name’s Crystal Handers. What’s yours?”
I snapped out of my day dream. I could of saved them if I was here earlier. God dam it. The bus broke down so I walk the next 10 minutes. If the bus didn't break down, they’d still be alive!
I looked up at her smiling and comforting face that helped me out.
“My name’s Zoe smith.”
I said in a shaky voice. I haven't shed a single tear. I might just still be in shock but I'm still not crying. I only cried when I was in that corner with Mark leaning over me.
Crystal put her hand on my shoulder, still beaming with a smile.
“I can help you Zoe. I am a very helpful woman with a lot of power where I'm from, and since you have no where else to go, I can take you in. but you have to trust me. do you trust me?”
I thought about her offer for a second. I was in shock from what just happened and I was slow processing what I was told. Do I trust her? Well she did step in front of me to protect me from Mark and subdued him to save me. He is a killer after all. I weighed the pro’s and cons of the situation and made my decision.
“Yes, I trust you. But where would we go?”
she removed her hand and took out her phone and on the lock screen was a picture of a bunch of girls, about 30 of them, standing out front of a building, all smiling and Crystal was in the middle. All the girls looked like happy normal teenagers and women.
“This is my institute. I teach girls and woman, like yourself, in everything to protect them. Knowledge in the academic sector and in the defence sector. Basically I run an academy called Black Blood Academy For Girls. You’ll go to school as normal but you’ll become equipped able to handle any situation, like the one you were just in, and learn to win the fight. Its for girls who have been wronged by men or other women and are now able to defend themselves and keep safe.”

There was a moment of silence as I tried to process what I had just been told. I was offered to attend a privet school that also taught self defence as if it was a normal class curriculum. That’s pretty cool. And I'll be able to defend my self against people like Mark.
“OK. I'll join you. But I'm not old enough to be on my own. What do we do?”
I realised this opportunity would be missed since I'm to young to be on my own and I don’t want to go into yet another foster family. Crystal smiled at me once more.
“don’t worry about that. You can come live with me and I'll become you’re full time parent. Not foster parent, I'll adopt you as my own if you’d like. You can live in my house or once you’re comfortable around the girls you can live in the housing quarters the other girls sleep in.”
I smiled.
“Thankyou. I don’t want to go to another foster family. I want to learn to protect myself.”
She leaned in and hugged me and I put my arms around her to hug her back.

“I could of saved them you know? The bus broke down and I had to walk the next ten minutes in the snow. I could of stopped him.”
I said as I released the hug and also released the tears I has stopped from coming.
“it’s OK. It’s not your fault.”
She said rubbing my back to sooth me.
“you would of only got yourself killed trying to save them because he would of stopped at nothing if he really wanted them dead. That even means killing his little sister.”
“foster sister. I'm not related to him at all. Thankfully. I never saw it coming. He was always so nice to us and was a great role model to the younger boys since he was excellent at sports. I mean you saw his muscles, he is really fit and that gave inspiration to the younger boys. He always hated our foster parents. He was the first they adopted when he was born, but I thought his behaviour was a normal teenager thing. Apparently not.”
a police officer approached us as I finished and crystal hugged me and comforted me.
“Miss Smith? We need to get a whiteness statement and we need your shoes for prints to make sure that they’re your shoes, not someone else’s.”
I nodded and followed him to the squad car and filed my statement.


Months and months of back and forth from court for my foster brother’s case, then the case of me being adopted by Crystal and each of my foster brothers and sisters cases to new homes were long, drawn out days that I hated. I don’t want to step foot in another court house again.
Eventually, after much debate, for some unknown reason, Mark was finally convicted as guilty and will serve the death penalty for killing our foster parents. The other children were put in different foster families and Emily was put with a lovely bunch of people who had a daughter the same age and she was the only foster child. They were treating her right which was the main thing. Throughout the entire court situation and years later, Emily and I still kept in touch. She doesn't know that I am with the Black Blood Academy For Girls. She only knows that I am living with Crystal now and that I am happy where I am. I lived with Crystal for a few years just until I got use to the curriculum and got a hang of the training, and by ‘hang’ I mean that I am already at the top of my class, every one of them. It’s not because I'm the Headmistresses adopted daughter, but because I worked hard to earn my place and they all respect me for it. That and the fact that I am the Headmistress’s daughter. In class I call her Headmistress like everyone else. But when I get out of class and combat I call her mum.

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