Trust Issues || punk luke ||

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She has a lot of trust issues and Luke Hemmings is the reason for them.


8. Chapter 8

Bella's P.O.V

I turned around and locked eyes with the one and only Luke Hemmings.

I felt something in my stomach, it wasn't a nice feeling, it was a horrible feeling.....I was going to be sick, I looked to my left towards an exit I saw earlier and dashed towards it.

"BELLA WAIT.....PLEASE STOP" Luke shout from behind me, i bashed through the door and saw a "toilet this way" sign and sprinted to where it was showing me to go. Tears were streaming down my face but I didn't care, I heard footstep following and it sound like there were more than one pair, but I didn't look back I just kept running.

I turned left a finally saw the toliet door and sighed with relief, I tumbled through the door and in to the first stall. I threw myself over the toilet expecting to be sick but I wasn't, even know I felt so sick I knew that It was just a side effect of an emotional break down I was having.

I clasped on the floor and burst in to tears, I never expected to even see Luke again and now that i have it has brought back all the emotions and memorise that I have been trying to leave behind. Everything I have been trying to run from was now waiting out side the door.

My head was spinning and my breathing was all over the place, I could hear a range of different voice shouting, but I could only make out two, "LET ME SEE HER, LET ME IN" Luke demanded. "LEAVE HER ALONE! CANT YOU TELL SHE DOESNT WANT TO SEE YOU, YOU ASSHOLE !" Lis screamed.

This can't be happening I thought as I was sat on the floor in a sobbing mess, I thought that I had past that phase in my life, that horrible, horrendous phase. I just wish I coul- my thoughts were interrupted as the door opened and a girl I have never seen before approached me.

"Are you okay" she asked as she sat down next to me, "I....I" I tried to talk but couldn't "it's okay Bella, I know it's hard right now but it will get better" she said with a warm smile. "Wh....who are"I asked confused how she knew my name, "I'm Marcia, A friend of the boys"

"how do kn....know my" I asked with a stutter, "the boys talk about you a lot, they really care for you" she said as if she was stating a fact.

I was starting to calm down a bit but I was still in shock "no they don't" I huffed as I got up slowly and stumbled over to the mirror, I looked terrible! There were black tear stains all down my Face (because of the make-up) my eyes were puffy and swollen; I looked like hell.

"I don't know what has gone on in the past with you and the boys and it's none of my business but don't let it get in the way of your life. I can tell that it is a very touchy subject and that your hurt so why don't me and you get out of here and have a cup of tea and calm down, yeah?" She asked, it was kinda hard to hear her because there was still a lot of noise coming form out side the door.

Marcia was a beautiful girl, she had blonde hair and the most gorgeous eyes, she had an amazing smile and had an great figure. I know I didn't know Marcia but I felt like I could talk to her about anything and I could tell that we would be good friends, you could tell she was the kindest girl and would help anybody out...She seemed so I wish I was more like her.

"Hello?" She snapped me out of my thoughts, "oh...uh yeah, sounds great" I said with a small smile, "great, now let's go! We need to get this white girl a Starbucks before she goes metal" she laugh gesturing to her self.

She grab my hand and We both headed towards the door but I stopped in my tracks, I can go out there and face Luke again, i can't see him again, no....I'm not going! I don't want to cry anymore! I've done enough of that tonight!

Marcia knew I was scared, probably from the way I was biting my lip, or maybe she felt the way my hands were trembling. "It's okay" she said "I've got you" i nodded my head and stepped forward to show her I was ready.

she opened the door and stepped out first and gave me the signal to stay back. Everyone silenced when she went out and closed the door behind her, "how is she" I heard Calum ask "she's calm down a bit but me and Alex are going to take her out for a while".

"But I want to see her! I need to talk to her" Luke yelled, "no Luke" Marcia said calmly but still demanding, " YOU DONT UNDERSTAND! I NEED TO-" "DO YOU REALLY THINK THATS THE BEST LUKE! WE ALL KNOW THAT WILL ONLY MAKE THIS SHIT WORSE" Lis interrupted him. "I NEED TO SEE HER....TO EXPLAIN-"

That's when I opened the door and saw Calum,Michael,ashton, Niall,Harry,Alex and Luke all looking back at me, "explain what....there's nothing you can say to explain what you did Luke, you are just an asshole who wanted everything and now you've got it so why do you need to talk to me? We both said what we thought back in Australia" I said with tears slipping out of my eyes as everyone was staring at me in shock, "Bella I- "

"Save it" I said with no emotion even know it hurt like hell.

I then walked past everyone and turned the first corner I came to, as I got round the corner were they couldn't see me anymore I had to stop and lean against the wall, i felt a pain deep inside me I was hurting....bad.

I heard footstep approaching me again so I started walking down the corridor to try and find an exit to get out the building, "Bella please listen to me !! You don't understand" Luke said running after me (with the rest following) I stopped and turn around to face him "I do understand Luke I really do! You didn't want me in your life so you picked the worse way possible to kick me out of it! And it looks like You got exactly what you want!! You humiliated me, hurt me, abandon me when I need you the most! But do you know what was the worst out of all of broke me broke me when I didn't even know I could be broken anymore that I already was. So there you win...." I cried as I feel down to my knees.

I felt some one wrap there arms around me and lift me off the floor, at this point I was so worn out form all the crying that I didn't care who it was.

"Bella I'm so sorry" Luke whimpered as he held me in his arms, "if you care about me you will just have to let me go" I said as closed my eyes.

"I care to much to let you go Bella" and that all I heard before I feel in to a deep sleep.

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