Trust Issues || punk luke ||

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She has a lot of trust issues and Luke Hemmings is the reason for them.


7. Chapter 7

Bella's P.O.V

One direction had just finished there last song and were now saying there goodbyes and me and Lis would scream every time one of the boys came near us as they ran around the stage saying goodbye to fans, waving and blowing kisses ect. then the boys exited the stage and the lights went down, the show was Over.

I felt disappointment wash over me because it finished but then I remembered that we had meet and greet tickets and adrenaline hit me once again, I was going to meet one direction!

As everyone started to clear out me and Lis moved to the side and fangirl over how good the boys were. We then made are way over to a security guard and asked him where the meet and greets would be held and he said that he would show us the way, so we followed close behind him.

As we were getting close I felt excited but also sick because I was worried that Luke would be there. "It's alright Bella, I'm sure Luke won't be there! It is a one direction meet and greet so why would the 5sos boys be there hey?" She say give me a nudge "I guess your right" i said still with a bit of doubt "of course I'm right " she said with a smile.

We turned a couple more corners and we knew we were finally there because a big sign saying 'meet and greets this way' hang in bold letters above the door we were heading towards. My hands stated to shake and I could breath....I was about to meet the one and only one direction!

We open the doors and looked around the small room there were about 30 girls there and they were all beautiful which made me step back a bit, I felt so intimidated.

Lis grab my hand and said "come on Bella! Let's meet one direction!" and walk in confidently with me timidly following behind, she was so confident and was always positive and that I love that about Lis! She never cared what people would say and she was always happy.

We were now in the Queue wait to meet one direction and me and Lis were fangirling so bad! They all looked so good! I zoned out and just looked at each of the boys up and down admiring them, but I soon got knocked back in to reality when the door open and 4 boys and a girl entered. I tried to get a good look at the them but I lost sight when they were lost in a bundle of screaming girls.

I turned my attention back to one direction and realised that we were next, I was shaking and felt butterflies full my stomach. The boys were finally done saying goodbye to the 2 girls In front of them and then turned around and looked at me and Lis with huge smiles.

I frozen and stood there staring at them like an idiot while Lis walk over to Zyan and rapped her arms around him because she was a Zayn girl obviously and that's when Niall took a step towards me.

"are you okay?" He asked with a laugh, "Yeah I'm fine" I whispered moving a bit close to him, as I got near him he held his hands out and gave me a big hug, as his arms rapped around me I insanely relaxed and hug him back.

I was defiantly a Niall girl so this was like heaven for me, I was actually hug Niall Horan !! The Niall Horan !!! I have dreamed of the day I hug Niall and now that it actually happening it made me fall in love with him even more! He is the type of boy that uses his whole body to hug you and it felt amazing!

As I was having all these thoughts I noticed that I have been hug Niall for a long time, "I'm so sorry....I guess I just got carried away" I said with a blush creeping up on my cheeks. "It fine" he said with a laugh " i wouldn't mind hug a beautiful girl like you forever".

OMG! OMFG NIALL CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL !! I was fangirling so hard inside but try not to show it "well if you ever need a hug just call me, I wouldn't mind cuddling you in bed" I said and then realised what I just said. "Umm that came weird! It's not like I think about you and me in bed because I wouldn't want that!" He raised an eyebrow at me with a smirk in his face. "Not that I don't want you in my bed because I would but.....I'm just gonna stop talking now" I said as red as ever.

"Your a little cutie aren't you" Niall laughed. "I try" I said while flicking my hair off my shoulder. "Anyways I better go and talk to the others" I said with a smile and walked away awkwardly.

After I was finished talking to all the boys it was picture time so Alex and the boys positioned there self and I just stood there awkwardly like always, Niall noticed so he gave me a gesture to stand with him, the order went Louis,Liam, Alex, Zayn, Harry, me and Niall.

"Is there a certain pose you girls want to do?" Liam asked us, "umm I don't mind? Bella what do you want to do?" Alex asked me "I....umm....uh...." I stuttered looking done at my feet, "we could just smile" I said embarrassed and they all burst out laughing, "what !! Smiling proves that your happy and we are, so why not show it" I defended "That's really cute, I like it" Harry said with a smile "thanks" i grinned trying to hide the screams that wanted to come out.

So we took a photo, smiling of course, and then gave each boy a hug, Niall was the last one to hug so I walked over to him and gave him a big Hug which I knew surprised him as he stumbled back a bit, "it's been amazing meeting you Bella and I don't know why your so Insecure because you have no reason to be at all!" "Thanks Niall it mea-"


I turned around and locked eyes with the one and only Luke Hemmings.

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