Trust Issues || punk luke ||

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She has a lot of trust issues and Luke Hemmings is the reason for them.


6. Chapter 6

Luke's P.O.V

"I swear I saw her !" I said to calum as we all collapsed down in the dressing room.

"Luke you say this every show" cal said with a sigh, "don't you think it's time to forget about her mate" Michael cut in "I don't think I can ever forget about her Mikey" I whispered looking down at my hands.

"it's been a year since she left....I just think it's time you try and move on" Michael said with sympathy "I have moved on! I have slept with about 100 girls, actually thinking about it, I'm glad she went because she would only hold me back from going out partying an drinking and having fun!" I yelled surprising them with my out burst.

i knew I didn't mean it but it's the only way to convince myself that I'm better off with out her and that I don't need her even know it's all a lie. I have changed a lot since Bella left, I have tattoos coving my arms and chest, i have a Lip and eyebrow piercings, oh and I also have a stretcher in my ear. I guess after she left I just lost control of myself and started drinking, partying and doing whatever i could to forget her. why? You ask....because the one person who meant the world to me left and she left because of me.

"Come on Luke we all know you don't mean that !" Calum said as Michael sighed and walked away bored of the conversation and probably went to look for food...typical Mikey.

I was about to answer Calum but Ashton burst through the door. "Where's my diesel !!" He shouted glaring over at me.

"Probably at the gas station" I said sarcastically with a smirk as Calum chuckled, Ashton is talking about an very expensive cologne that he loves and wears all the time, I like it too so I steal it and it annoys the shit out I him.

"Don't mess with me Hemmings!! Marcia is going to be here any minute!" Ashton said frustrated, Marcia is Ashton 'secret girlfriend' who he Is madly in love with, they have been together 6 months but they haven't told the fans because they did want to hurt them.

"Okay, okay" i said holding my hands up, "it's in the top draw" I exclaimed while pointing it out "Thank you!! And stop taking it !! It's nearly all gone!" He yelled as he snatched it from the draw and walk out the room.

"Jeez he's fallen hard man" Calum said with a small smile "Yeah....he's such an idiot! Why commit to one girl when you can sleep with loads" I exclaimed, Calum gave me a disappointed look and got up.

"You've changed a lot Luke" he said "I miss the old Luke!" anger then bubble up inside me "why does everyone always talk about 'the old Luke' and how much they 'miss him'? He is gone and he is never coming back!" I snapped "And if people can't except that then that can fuck off!" I shouted running my fingers threw my blonde hair.

Silence took over us and stay for a few minutes, I hate this, me and Calum used to be so close. No one could separate us! We were more then friends, we were used to be 'cake forever' but it's just not the same anymore and I don't think it will ever be.

Calum finally broke the dreadful silences "wanna come and watch the 1D boys do there meet and greets? " Calum asked with a small smile "Yeah might as well" I said then got up and we both made our way there.

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