Trust Issues || punk luke ||

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She has a lot of trust issues and Luke Hemmings is the reason for them.


4. Chapter 4

Bella's P.O.V

I felt my self start to shake and my breathing became heavy "No,no,no! This can't be happening" I mumbled over and over again.

I heard the crowed get louder which meant they were now on stage, everyone around me was on their feet jumping and scream, however I sat there frozen in fear!

"Bella! What's wrong!" Lis panicked while crouching beside me grabbing my hands "L-Lis w-we need to l-leave!" I said surprised that I could actually talk "Why! Bella please look at me" I could hear the worry in her voice and I didn't want her to get upset, so I raised my head and looked in to her chocolate brown eyes.

As I looked up at her i realised that they were already on stage playing, I need to get out of here before he- I mean they see me.

I stood up abruptly and grabbed my bag, I started for the exit. I felt a body beside me and I knew it was Lis. I couldn't ruin Her night! I mean this is meant to be the best night of her life!

"Lis, I will be back in a while just stay here and enjoy yourself!" "Bella I'm not going to let you leave when your your upset! Just tell me what's wrong!" She pleaded as i sighed.

"I will tell you later! I just need some time alone" She hesitated but gave a small nod and headed back to our seats.

I glanced at the stage and saw Luke smiling out at the crowd and a tear run down my face as I walked towards the exit.

I was now sitting outside a shop in the arena with a cup of tea deep in thought...why him? Why did it have to be him? why couldn't it of been Brad? I would of preferred it if I would of been! I can't believe I said that! The thought Of Brad made me shiver...I take that last comment back.

Even know I hate Luke I still can't deny that fact that I miss him...I miss all them time where we used to run around our local park like kids and all them movie nights where we would just lay around and eat junk food.

Luke was one of them friends that you could just sit there with and not say a word to Each other but still have missed him a lot more than I thought.

I was then snapped out of my thoughts when I saw Lis run up to me "Bella I am so sorry" she said as she bundled me in a hug, I look at her in confusion as she pulled away "what are you talking about?" I laughed "If I would of known that Luke was here I wouldn't of brought you! But I didn't know it was him and I am so so sorry Bella!" She said as she pulled me in for another hug.

"let's just go hom-" I cut her off before she went on another rant "it's fine Lis, it isn't your fault! We are not going home! We are going to go back in there and we are going to have fun okay". "But Bell-" " no buts! Now let's go!" I said as i walk down the stairs to go back to the our seats, I knew Lis was following me so I didn't look back.

As I was Getting closer to our seats my breathing became heavy again but I tried to calm myself down for Lis. I can do this. if I just acted normal Luke won't even notice me...we'll I hope.

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